How to ask questions to the Tarot

by Alejandra, Astrologer and Tarotist at miistico

This writing is intended to help you formulate or ask questions to the Tarot to get the most out of the reading.

The use of this wonderful tool, in my opinion, has been discredited, for many reasons, since the pages that frame tarot readers as “seers”, who can give us absolute answers and tell us what is going to happen in the future, have become popular. This has obviously alienated, and rightly so, people who are more rational or who simply have “common sense” in mind. Clearly it is impossible to know with certainty what will happen in the future, this has always been a universal concern, but the “salt” of life is uncertainty. It is enough to look around with a certain perspicacity to realize that it is very difficult to foresee what will happen tomorrow, both on a personal and social level.

Cómo hacer preguntas al Tarot

However, the Tarot as well as Astrology, Numerology and other “arts” can show us the predominant energies at a given moment, and quite accurately, since in some way that is difficult to explain – the synchronicity of which the famous Carl G. Jung spoke, the principle of correspondence of the Kibalion, (the famous “as above so below”, and many other esoteric laws, some of which are thousands of years old) – the Tarot cards, and many other esoteric laws, some of which are thousands of years old. Jung, the correspondence principle of the Kibalion, (the famous “as above so below”), and many other esoteric laws, some of which are thousands of years old – the tarot cards, the astrological time charts, or the hexagram of the I Ching, whatever the case may be, “connect” with our unconscious and show us the possible paths. … I emphasize the word because we have free will, that is, we can choose to do things in one way or another, according to the energy that the wise arcana show us.

Here I want to make a parenthesis and transcribe the RAE definitions of the word arcane:

  1. adj. Said especially of a thing: Secret, recondite, reserved.
  2. m. Very reserved and important secret.
  3. Mystery, something hidden and very difficult to know.

The Tarot answers on the same level as our questions

As you can see, the tarot arcana are mysteries, important messages to be revealed.

Therefore, it is advisable, both for the reader and the querent, to treat the messages of the arcana with the utmost respect.

It is for this reason that questions asked to “test” the reliability of the cards or the reader of the cards, or questions without importance or weight, superficial questions, will not have an answer that will bring us anything, since the tarot answers at the same level as our questions.

Involve yourself in the Tarot question: place yourself as the main actor in your life.

Following this reasoning, it is advisable to get involved in the question, for example: instead of asking: will I meet someone, it is better to ask: how is the energy in me to attract a suitable person into my life? Or… What do I need to see or work on in order to have a stable and happy partner? Or if we are concerned about the professional issue, what can I do to improve my situation? what should I learn from this situation? etc…

When we pose the questions in this way, the answers are much richer, with multiple meanings, and the session becomes interactive, with both consultant and reader providing the interpretations that arise from this interaction.

We always place ourselves somehow in the reading, as actors of our life, since we ourselves direct our destiny, which is not fixed, but it is the result of the situations that life brings us and our attitude towards them…

As I read some time ago: “nothing has changed, only my attitude; then, everything has changed…”.

Tarot helps us to know ourselves, to choose the best path, shows us alternatives, points out the risks of a certain situation, in short, it is an ally of our personal growth.

With affection,

Alejandra from Miistico



I am Alejandra, Astrologer and Tarotist.

“I have been working for more than 30 years with body, psychocorporal, energetic therapies, and in recent years Tarot consultations, Astrotarot, which often become counseling processes (psychological counseling). She has given courses in Reflexology, Massage, Initiation to astrology, Stress management”.

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