International Women’s Day and its numerology

Today, March 8th , International Women’s Day, Virginia, Numerologist at miistico,  wants to talk to us about the vibration of what this date, year after year, tells us from the numbers. This date has the imprint of all the warrior force of women advancing with firm step without neglecting their feminine side.

I would also like to delve into the key energy that unfolds in all its splendor when we are living our purpose. It is no coincidence that the date is on the number 8, high-powered vibration, constant overcoming that seeks the development of all its  talents… and that manifest themselves when we live our purpose.

Let’s start with the energy of the day. 

Regardless of the year in which we find ourselves, it keeps behind it the information on the master number 11, from the numbers 8 and 3… being its Theosophical reduction (reduction practiced in Numerology), the 11. 

The 11 is a master number that gathers in itself the energy of the 1 and the 2… representing the union of the masculine and feminine, tells us: go forward with a firm step, confident, respecting your individuality, but without leaving aside your sensitive, close, empathetic, intuitive, creative, dreamer…

As I told you in the article, this day is very marked by the energy of purpose, represented by the 8, which tells us: “transform and transform, develop your power, your talents, have far-reaching objectives…” all these aspects are key when we live our purpose.. And living the purpose is not something for “the few”..

Every human being has a purpose, that gives meaning to who we are. This is how our existence is configured. The only thing that changes is that each of us chooses a different purpose, represented by a number in your Quantum Sequence.

Your Quantum Sequence is a numerical pattern that represents the life you desire, which includes living your purpose. For this we need 2 energies, the feminine and masculine energy, vibrating from their high, center and low frequency. This structure is the same for every human being.  What happens is that one of them scares us a lot, because from it we generated an energetic imbalance in our evolutionary process. From this energy the karmas or learnings were generated.

This energy is the one we reject, we do not accept, we hide, we pretend it does not exist, we condemn it…for that reason it ends up governing us from “the shadow”, from a place that we do not see, but it is there, because it does not disappear.

The masculine and feminine energies vibrating in their central frequency do not generate problems, with them there is no learning. From the shadow side lies all the fears that we have …. if we know how to handle this fear, we handle all…

If we want to live our purpose, deploy all our talents, represented by the wonderful energy 8, walking through life with balance between our individuality and closeness (11)…. we need our shadow energy. In the life you desire, you meet your shadow, and the greater the commitment to your purpose, the greater the encounter with your shadow.

Let’s see what these energies that end up becoming the shadow are like. Only one of them will be yours…

High masculine energy, its symbolism is the lion or fire. It represents the impulsive, impatient, selfish, despot, haughty, who wants to be right, imposing, dictatorial, controlling, intolerant, judgmental, offensive. This energy ends up invading in a frontal way.

Low masculine energy, its symbolism is the Cinderella or the ugly duckling. It represents the cowardly, weak, soft, indecisive, hesitant, distant, evasive, ambiguous, silent, reserved, fragile, useless, lazy, self-conscious, insecure, flighty, abandoning, imperfect, inactive, who does not confront, who does not speak for not disturbing. She allows herself to be invaded by the high masculine energy. 

Día internacional de la mujer

The high feminine energy, its symbology is  the snake or the ice. It represents the seductive part, Machiavellian, manipulative, misrepresentative, lying, cold, sibylline, charming, emotionally cold, distant, unclear, taking advantage, using, vengeful, hidden, treacherous, shady. From this energy she abuses.

Low feminine energy, its symbolism is the geisha. It represents the submissive, servile, obedient, consenting, conciliatory, self-pitying, complaining, slavish, condescending, complacent, incautious, justifying, dependent part. It allows itself to be abused by the high feminine energy.

One of these 4 energies is the one that ends up becoming a shadow and dominates you if you do not make it conscious, if we do not give it light. The energies vibrating in the low frequency believe that they cannot, and from there they give up their power, and the high ones are so afraid of what they are capable of doing, that they do not want power or responsibilities.

The reason for this energetic imbalance is that they were used unconsciously in other lives to achieve the purpose or desire. All this because of one of our main challenges to overcome: the attachment to the desire/purpose. It must be said that the problem is not in the desire/purpose, but in the attachment to it.

In the integration and wise management of our shadow, is the key to live the full potential that this day shows us, the energy of the 11 that unifies feminine and masculine. If you want me to help you to know what your shadow energy is and to accompany you in the process of integrating it into your daily life, I will be delighted to help you.

Happy day to you

- Virginia, Numerologisy en miistico

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