Zodiac signs and crystals

by Reyes Pont Co-founder of Miistico

Since ancient times, crystals have been used by different cultures to improve the well-being and elevate people’s lives. They are pieces of natural origin created by our mother Earth.

Crystals are one of the many tools used by humans to raise or manage vital energy. These stones absorb and transmit energy easily, so it is key to perform regular cleansings.

Signos del zodíaco y cristales

You can choose a crystal for a particular purpose, for example, to bring calm and peace, nurture courage, or connect with self-love. Or, you can choose a crystal that has an affinity with the zodiac sign you want to empower in your birth chart.

In this article we propose some suggestions of crystals according to your zodiac sign. It is important to note that you do not have to look only at your sun sign (or what we commonly know as horoscope). You can choose one crystal or another depending on your Ascendant sign, your Moon, your Mars, your Jupiter, etc… depending on the part of your birth chart you want to encourage or connect with.

Además, debes saber que existen varios cristales para cada signo. A continuación, te dejamos una propuesta:


Aries, as a Fire sign and first sign of the zodiac, will need crystals that allow him to connect with his natural and vital energy of a leader. It is action in its purest form! Energetic, passionate and enthusiastic by nature. If you want to connect with the Aries part of your chart, we recommend a Ruby. Red like the Aries fire, a Ruby has the ability to activate energies, bring vitality, motivation, enthusiasm, and passion for life. It stimulates the heart chakra and balances it. This gemstone promotes dynamism, leadership and a positive state of mind. You can wear it periodically over the heart, or on a finger.


Taurus is an Earth sign and as such prefers elements that make him connect with calm, security and stability. It feels at home in controlled environments and is the quintessential lover of life’s pleasures. So your main crystals will be those that bring loyalty, perseverance, love, tranquility, prudence and practicality. To activate or connect with the Taurus part of your birth chart we suggest Rose Quartz. It is the best known crystal for unconditional love, peace and self-calm. It also stimulates the heart chakra, purifies and opens it. Trust, harmony, security and self-acceptance are some of the key words for this crystal. You can wear Rose Quartz in an accessory (pendants, rings, earrings or bracelets) or place it on your heart periodically.


The intellectual, insightful and communicative Gemini will undoubtedly need crystals that allow them to meditate and communicate with their environment. If you want to connect with the Gemini part of your birth chart, we recommend Chrysocolla. This stone brings serenity in changing situations, promotes inner balance, and helps in communicating with your environment (great for Gemini!). Chrysocolla brings motivation, inspires and gives creativity to the person to be able to express themselves in the way that most connects with them. You can place it on your third eye or wherever you consider more appropriate.


Our emotional and sweet Cancer is a water sign ruled by the Moon and as such is the most sentimental and intuitive of all the zodiac signs. To activate or connect with the Cancer part of your birth chart we propose the Moonstone. As its name suggests, it is strongly connected with this star and with intuition. It is a stone that invites introspection and reflection. It reminds us that life is cycles and we are all part of them. The Moonstone makes conscious the unconscious and activates empathy. It is the ideal stone to relieve emotional instability and connect with the feminine or Yin part of us. You can wear it on a ring, place it on your forehead to encourage intuition, or on the solar plexus to connect with your emotions.


Charismatic, cheerful and vital fire sign. It is the great representative of the generosity of the heart, brightness and success. This sign will need crystals that encourage the most courageous, creative and confident part that each of us carries within. For this reason, if you want to connect with the Leo part of your birth chart, we suggest the Tiger Eye stone. This stone becomes your essential ally for all those moments when you need an extra dose of bravery, courage and confidence. It is the perfect stone to promote concentration, creativity and inspiration (and more this year that we are in the year of the Water Tiger). You can place it on the navel chakra or wear it as earrings.


Virgo is an Earth sign and among the signs of this element is the most methodical, demanding and dedicated. If you want something to go well, entrust it to a Virgo! Crystals for this zodiac sign should promote or help mental analysis and efficiency. To connect and develop the Virgo part of your birth chart we propose the beautiful Amazonite. This crystal is undoubtedly the ideal ally to see the different points of view and analyze the different parts of a problem. It has a filtering action that helps to relax mental stress. You can hold it when you have moments of mental stress and need analytical clarity.


Libra is the great mediator and pacifist of all groups. Crystals for this zodiac sign should promote elegance, diplomacy, peace, and balance. If you want to enhance the Libra part of your birth chart, we recommend Jade. This stone is a symbol par excellence of serenity and purity. Jade releases negative thoughts and promotes tranquility. This stone helps you to recognize your essence and live according to your nature. You can wear it wherever you want!


The brave and tenacious Scorpio will need crystals that connect him with his great capacity for regeneration and his ability to cope with change. His allies will be the stones that encourage reflection and connection with the depth of the self. To connect with the Scorpio part of your birth chart we suggest the Obsian. This stone enhances reflection and the discovery of personal truth. Nothing goes unnoticed and nothing can hide from this stone. It makes you reach your depths, your most hidden parts in order to heal and be reborn among the ashes. Obsidian is a great protector that absorbs negative energies and vitalizes the soul. You can place it under your pillow or on your bedside table.


Our intrepid adventurer will need stones that connect with his inner fire, zest for life, and intuition. For this reason, if you want to connect with the Sagittarius part of your birth chart, we recommend Turquoise. This stone is a great protector that has been used since ancient times as an amulet to foster spiritual attunement and intuition. Turquoise helps the creative expression of the soul to live all the adventures and experiences that your body needs. You can wear it over your third eye, throat or solar plexus.


Capricorn is the last Earth sign and as such stands out for its determination. This sign will need crystals that bring perseverance, responsibility and self-confidence. If you want to connect with the Capricorn part of your birth chart, we recommend Onyx. This stone gives personal strength, perseverance and allows you to focus your personal energy to direct it to the goal you have in mind. Onyx also relieves worries and dispels fears so you can make wise decisions. You can wear it on the left side of the body, which represents the subconscious.


Aquarius as an innovative, original and transgressor sign, will need crystals that encourage them to carry out their creative and innovative ideas. This sign is one step ahead of the others. If you want to connect with the area or house of your birth chart where you have Aquarius we recommend Labradorite. It is a very mystical and protective stone. Labradorite raises your consciousness and energies bringing you faith in the future, dispelling fears and stimulating your intuition. It is synonymous with intuitive wisdom, very necessary for the great innovators and transgressors who bring changes to the world. This mystical stone can be held in your hands or placed on the heart chakra periodically.


Pisces is a water sign and the last of the Zodiac. Creativity and sensitivity are inherent characteristics of Pisces so your crystals should be in this line. If you want to connect with the Pisces part of your birth chart we suggest Aquamarine. This stone was worn by sailors as a talisman to avoid drowning. It is a stone related to sensitive people, it helps to clarify confusion, and favors self-expression and self-responsibility. It is your ideal stone to connect with your intuition and listen to yourself. You can hold it on your hands periodically.


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