Your plant according to your zodiac sign

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Your plant according to your zodiac sign

Contact with nature is fundamental to connect with our most spiritual part. Caring for plants helps us to listen to ourselves and to connect with the flow of nature’s abundance. Through these actions we can integrate abundance into our lives. Next, we recommend you together with our friends from Selvaviva the plant that best suits your astrological sign.

  • ARIES (21/03 – 19/04)

Aries are natural leaders, optimistic, passionate and with an enviable energy. They are not afraid of risks, and are capable of facing any challenge. Like the plant ZZ (Zamioculca Zamiifolia), una de las plantas más resistentes that exist, able to withstand long periods of drought and survive in both sun and shade. This elegant yet wild plant is virtually impossible to kill. It is as resilient as an Aries.

6 1
  • TAURUS (20/04 – 20/05)

Taurus is one of the most artistic signs of the zodiac, art and music lovers, your perfect plant is undoubtedly a Ficus Lyrata, plant with lyre-shaped leaves, hence its name. In addition, like the Taurus, the Ficus Lyrata needs stability (loyal), constancy (perseverance) and patience to grow healthy and strong. It does not like drastic changes of location and prefers to follow a routine of care.

Plantas Aire 1
  • GEMINI (21/05 – 20/06)

Like Gemini, the element of the air plants it is, as its name suggests, air. They feed on environmental humidity and do not need substrate. These versatile plants are perfect for all curious Geminis who seek movement, fluidity and freedom in all aspects of their life, including in the decoration of their homes. They will have endless decorative options: as centerpieces, hanging on the wall or in terrariums. Impossible to get bored!

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  • CANCER (21/06 – 22/07)

Cancer is the most sentimental sign of the zodiac signs. Always attentive and willing to help, they are extremely sensitive to emotions with a certain susceptibility to mood swings. As the Calathea Makoyana, constant care, affection and displays of affection are their food to keep them alive.

8 1
  • LEO (23/07 – 22/08)

Those born under the sign of Leo are charismatic, passionate and creative people. They love to interact with many people and are the kings among the zodiac signs, in the same way that lions are the kings in the animal kingdom, and the Monstera Deliciosa is the queen of the plants. This plant guarantees that immediate jungle effect that we are looking for and will become the center of attention. Watching this plant grow is quite a spectacle, so reserve a nice spot to enjoy each new leaf.

3 1
  • VIRGO (23/08 – 22/09)

Virgo, It is a sign characterized by its dedication, precision and demand in everything it does. A plant that requires very specific care to maintain the beauty of the leaves, such as Anthurium Clarinervium, will be the perfect plant to satisfy Virgo’s perfectionist inclinations.

11 1
  • LIBRA (23/09 – 22/10)

Libras have elegance, diplomacy, and poise . They are lovers of good taste and have an unsurpassed capacity to seduce. Like the plant Syngonium Red Heart that draws attention as soon as you see it. Its pink heart-shaped leaves make it almost impossible not to fall in love with it and want to add it to your collection. Without a doubt, the beauty and uniqueness of this plant will not go unnoticed among Libras.

  • SCORPIO (23/10 – 21/11)

Scorpio, the sign represented by a scorpion, symbolizes the mysterious and magnetic . His tenacity and courage allows him not to be afraid of changes and to regenerate from whatever situation he finds himself in. TheYucca Elephantipes it is a reflection of the characteristics of Scorpio . This succulent plant is able to survive without water for a month while preserving its thick trunk and rigid green leaves. It also has an enigmatic side since it is colloquially known as “ghost of the cemetery” , since when its white flowers bloom, they are suspended, resembling floating ghosts.

4 1
  • SAGITTARIUS (22/11 – 21/12)

Sagittarius, restless, sociable and independent , you will need a plant that does not require much care while you are out exploring the world, such as theEuphorbia Rubra. This succulent plant has the peculiarity that its stems and leaves have a reddish hue, which will remind you of the element of fire . This plant will bring vitality and energy to the life of any Sagittarius.

5 1
  • CAPRICORN (22/12 – 19/01)

Capricorn, are hard-working, calm and seek stability above all . Willing to persist to achieve their goals, they are ambitious but at the same time realistic. Your perfect plant is the Dracaena Compacta, a plant that looks good anywhere you put it and is perfect for beginners. Although it is a slow-growing plant, with time and dedication this plant will grow to a considerable height and may even flower.

9 1
  • AQUARIUS (20/01 – 18/02)

Idealistic, original and independent, Aquarians are unpredictable and like to do things their own way. Full of creativity, the plant that best suits their personality is undoubtedly the Monstera Thai Constellation, una plant difficult to find and so desired by the entire plant community.

7 1
  • PISCES (19/02 – 20/03)

A Pisces is creative and sensitive . Idealistic and imaginative, sometimes you like to be alone to dream. TheKentia, one of the most popular and exotic plants that exists, it will help you transport yourself to the same jungle. In addition, it is a plant that will help purify the environment by eliminating toxins and generating clean air.

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