Your Ascendant in the Natal Chart

By Ro, Astrologer at miistico

The energy of the Sign of the ASCENDANT is an ever-present traveling companion, stimulating us to reveal a deep and unknown nature of ourselves. That is, our Ascendant in our natal chart is an energy that we will perceive as totally UNCONSCIOUS AND UNKNOWN in our early years of life.

THE ASCENDANT: The learning of destiny

At some point in the journey, the consciousness begins to perceive the insufficiency of the identification with the lunar and solar and to RECOGNIZE itself in a quality that until now we had experienced as totally external and foreign to ourselves. In our first years of life, we experience the energy of the ASC as energy that comes from OUTSIDE, that is, from our environment and can produce admiration or rejection.

To recognize our most creative essence, we must encourage ourselves to let go of those more primal identifications (unconscious memory) and strive to consciously express the energetic quality of our ASC.

It is an energy that colors our entire chart and gives a color and vibration to my whole life.

To realize that I am ALSO the energy that is in the Ascendant, I need a FATE that allows me to discover that I am that energy. Each sign has destiny events that are inevitable, and it will be easier or harder according to the energies of the rest of my chart. This destiny will bring me closer to the type of energy of my Ascendant so that I will INCORPORATE AND INTEGRATE it.



With this Ascendant we must learn about the strength of one’s own desire, autonomy, and personal determination, boldness and fighting ability, the drive to make one’s way in life.

Life “pushes” me to go out with vitality, strength, unidirectional, decisiveness, speed. I have to take charge of my own desire, beyond the consequences. Everything goes very fast and I can feel that I am “not yet” ready for that challenge. I have to solve things by myself, aggressively, impulsively and violently. All this makes that even though it costs me, I am constantly self-asserting. I will have speed, action, impulse, decide quickly.

With Aries Ascendant, we must let go or transcend an unconscious memory (Piscean) of attachment, of a record of being taken by a symbiotic energy, undifferentiated, where we are all equal, we all have the same options, to dilute myself in the totality.


With this Ascendant we must learn about the contact with matter, the enjoyment of the body, the ability to generate resources and to accompany the organic time of natural processes.

Situations where I have to contact with the simplicity of the organic: slowness, perception, patience, joy. Recognize the low vital energy to connect with the body, resources, nature and all the power.

Destiny can bring an excess or shortage of material energy to connect with the resources I have: body, talents, and to be able to deploy all the power that I am not deploying.

Confront slowness, inertia and discover the potential.

The Taurus Ascendant invites us to release or transcend an unconscious (Arian) warrior memory, which connects me with vital energy, fire, strength, acceleration. The need to want everything NOW, to do everything fast, which does not allow me to get in touch with what I deeply need.


We must learn to bond with others, exchange and play with variables, develop communication, ask and learn, establish relationships of parity.

The links (important if there are siblings) bring a lot of learning, I have to play at parity (not to put myself above or below in the link). Learning to communicate, to express myself, to play, to adapt. Dissatisfaction and the feeling of incompleteness drive the opening to bonding, interaction, communication, learning. The whole is incomplete, all parts must be included.

Full of bonds and working parity.

With the Gemini Ascendant we must let go of or transcend an unconscious memory (taurine) with a sense of wanting to move from my place, seeking the stable, resistance to play, rejecting what opens, multiplies, the light and volatile.

ascendente en la carta natal


Affective sensitivity, the ability to protect, nurture, care, contact with emotion and tenderness, the gestation of home and family life.

Experiences to connect with maternal energy, protection, nurturing, inner connection. It often happens that the mother of the child has some kind of difficulty in developing maternal qualities. This makes me have to work on connecting with my need, with my emotions and with what gives me security.

I will attract people who need to be cared for or are in a state of vulnerability even if I reject this quality. The connection with the maternal quality

With the Cancer Ascendant we must let go or transcend an unconscious memory (Geminian) of opening options, playing with everyone, new stimuli, disposition of always being on the outside, which does not allow me to connect with my interiority, with what is internal, with what happens to me deeply.


These people must learn to get out of their comfort zone, learn to expose themselves, to show their energy, to occupy the center of their own life and to infect others with their vital force.

Situations in which I feel that I have lost my place or I am out of the spotlight and in which I am left without a place. This leads me to look for my own place (and ask myself if it is really the one that the family gives me). I have a tendency to go looking for my place in familiar places, but there I will realize that I have no more place. A destiny that invites me to encourage me to expose my uniqueness and play my own place. To go out to show the heart by exposing myself in unfamiliar areas.

With the Leo Ascendant you must release or transcend an unconscious memory (Cancerian) that has to do with the connection with the familiar, the feeling of the known, presence of very important female figures, sense of belonging, surrender to affective sensations that give me connection and a lot of dependence.


Energy of order, discrimination, contact with the systemic, adequate proportion and efficient location, health as a regulator of vital processes.

It is going to be organized with a strong identification with restriction, shrinking through situations where I have to contact with order, the systemic, the functional, which forces me to develop a progressive, meticulous movement. Learning to make do with less, forces me to order myself and to function better.

With order, restriction, systematization and contact with health.

With the Virgo Ascendant we must let go of or transcend an unconscious memory (leonine) that brings the feeling that I deserve a lot, more than I have. I have a feeling that life “cheated” me, I deserve much more than what I get, living that order as a restriction.


To register that there is an other, the complementary love, the harmony of opposites, the conciliation and aesthetics, the appreciation of the beautiful and the just. To stop and be able to observe in order to register that there are others.

Primarily, destiny confronts me and surrounds me with couples whom I tend to idealize (mainly the parents’. Life leads me to situations where I have to be available and open to relate to others and understand their needs. Issues of couples, partners and bonds appear.

Bonding as a way to register the other.

With the Libra Ascendant we must release or transcend an unconscious memory (Virginian) of a certain labyrinthine inertia, winding, something that processes, thinks, a very rational place. There is a whole inevitable internal process to be able to open myself to the other, but I have the tendency to get stuck to that process and end up not opening myself deeply.


These people must learn about emotional intensity, regenerative power, pain, healing and transmutation, sexuality and bonding conflict, personal transformation.

Life always puts me in situations where I feel I am “in the middle” and will try to balance. Feeling that I always end up on the battlefield (thought I shouldn’t be). Tendency to not want to get involved in conflict or in processes of bonding intensity. For me to contact that the power to hold those spaces I will be surrounded by issues of power, money, sexuality, tension. Situations of high intensity, conflict, pain.

With the Scorpio Ascendant we must release or transcend an unconscious memory and an idea of harmony, where everything has to be in balance, there has to be no conflict. My work will be to go through situations of high emotional intensity from a distance seeing the two poles.


These people must learn about integrative expansion, transcendence of conflict, spiritual openness, joy and trust in life. To commit myself in a direction, to give myself to something that gives me meaning.

The connection with the foreigner, with the distant from my family, with the unknown, other countries, with idealism, and religion is imposed on me. A lot of contact with different types of beliefs, any situation that expands my horizons and gives me the confidence to venture into more and more expansive experiences. Expansive experiences and outside the known.

With the Sagittarius Ascendant we must let go of or transcend an unconscious memory (Scorpio) that causes me to be taken or trapped by situations of high intensity and pain and I do not open myself to the movement of life. Transcend the conflict and identification with the pain to accept the facts from wisdom and surrender.


These people must learn about their own authority, and responsibility, develop my own law and a solid structure in the world. To regulate my energy, to know what is my life direction, what are my beliefs, what is my life journey and regulate it. It is not standard, it is something unique giving place to all my parts.

There can be a lot of father (it is difficult to find one’s own regulation of one’s own energy because of too many rules, restrictions) or the other version is that there is no solid father (there is no one to support me, I have no support). Situations where I have to develop my own support and regulation. Situations where I have to support, take charge. Taking responsibility for situations (there is someone else who needs me, someone else who is sensitive).

It imposes structure, support, paternal energy.

With the Capricorn Ascendant we must release or transcend an unconscious memory (Sagittarian) of idealization, expansion, travel, abundance and a record appears that “the party is over”. Transcend idealisms and dogmatic truths and take charge of a self-regulation to connect with the abundance of life.


These people must learn about freedom and creativity, unpredictability and uncertainty, constant change, openness to the innovative and avant-garde, fidelity to the future. To create with a blank page, to go beyond the known, to go to new places without reference to the previous.

Many moves, changes, new situations, marked turns in life. Starting from scratch in places. New links. Changes are imposed on me. Feeling that I do not belong to any place (as an experience of resistance that there is a place for me). I feel out of place because I expect there to be a rigid place for me.

The different, the changing, breaking schemes, molds.

With the Aquarius Ascendant we must let go or transcend an unconscious memory (Capricornian) of “there should be a place” for me (I have not found it yet) and get hooked to rigid places of should be, of building, longing for a place (which frustrates me because they are continually cut off).


These people must learn to discern and distinguish from sensitivity. To give value to that which we perceive and register without being able to explain it (perception beyond forms). Universal love, the mythical and the symbolic, the psychic weft of reality, the sacred and the oneiric. I go out into life open, porous and with a 360o sensibility where confusing situations and lack of clarity and limit are imposed on me. To be in the middle of situations, to help in transitions, to understand where the other has to go (but without knowing it from the mind). It imposes a huge sensitivity that has to learn to understand what is the journey of life, giving oneself deeply to life (without words, without clear clues). Confusion, sensitivity, resonance and surrender. With the Pisces Ascendant we must let go or transcend an unconscious memory (Aquarian) that wants to understand, to know, to know, to connect it rationally but all the time I have situations and experiences where I do not understand. Confusion occurs when Pisces wants to be interpreted from the mind.

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