Your Tarot card of the month: June


Aries, the Page of Pentacles represents inspiration, new starts and renewal in the material realm. The theme of the month encourages you to work hard, but remember, every effort has a reward so do not give up. It is time to put all your predisposition, perseverance and talent to fight for what you want. The Page of Pentacles invites you to be hardworking, meticulous, perfectionist, honest and responsible this month. Be consistent, spend time on what really matters and work hard.


Taurus, all those fears, anxieties and regrets are not always real, many times they are the result of our thoughts and the world we create for ourselves. The IV of Swords invites you this month to distance yourself from all that distresses you. Meditate and relax in whatever way you like to avoid being dominated by your thoughts. It is a time to put even more effort into taking care of yourself and loving yourself. Leave the regrets and anxieties aside and start acting to create the life you want and do what makes you well.


The number two is synonymous of diplomacy, adaptability, dilemma, duality, and choice. Gemini, this month the II of Pentacles asks you to take time to find a balance between the different facets of your life. You may be in a period of instability so the search for balance will be your ally. With the daily hustle and bustle, it is hard to pause, but this month is a good time to start getting into the routine of spending time from day to day to see inside of you to see what you need to balance.

Also, the II of Pentacles tells us about a material dependence in some aspect of your life. Stop and reflect on where these dependencies fall and you will see that, deep down, once you put them into words and analyze them, perhaps they are not as important to you as you might think.


Cancer, you may have achieved security and stability in certain aspects of your life. The IV of Pentacles symbolizes objectives and goals achieved. But beware of staying stagnant and letting yourself be carried away by greed and possession. It is easy to become obsessed with material possessions and believe that they can replace other areas. Don’t forget about the other aspects of your life. Take advantage of the calm and tranquility that order brings you, but be open to those changes that life can bring you. Do not cling to or resist change, remember that you always learn something in order to move forward in life.


Leo, take advantage of the circumstances and play your cards well during the month of July. You must bear in mind that things are temporary. Bring out your mischievous and diplomatic side. Strategy will be your ally. For this month, stay alert and observe well your surroundings. Avoid attitudes of deception and betrayal. July also encourages you to meditate and connect with yourself, to ask yourself what is it that you are running from. Ask yourself if you are not lengthening or making the problem bigger instead of tackling it once and for all.


Virgo, a month centered around inner work is coming. You may feel that things are stagnant, you might feel blocked or tied, so it will be key that you try to see things from another point of view. This card indicates that things are not as what they appear on the surface. You have to look under it to understand the truth. It is a time when you must open yourself to new possibilities, people or situations that will bring you a new perspective. Surround yourself with people who bring you freshness and novelty.

It is a good month to work on your spirituality, make an effort and set limits so that circumstances or people do not consume you. Take the opportunity to deepen your projects and your inner knowledge. Take care of yourself, pamper yourself, and think about what limits you and what blocks you. Once you are aware of it, you just have to change the way you look at the matter.


Libra, this month the Knight of Pentacles invites you to be prudent and take care of your impulsive side. It is a time when planning becomes a key component for you. You don’t want to rush, plan things slowly but surely. Consider the situation calmly to decide which are the best moves. Bring out your realistic, hard-working, responsible and constant side to materialize the dreams and ambitions that you visualized the previous month. It is time to channel all that energy that you carry inside to materialize little by little what you want to achieve. Things will come, do not be in a hurry and enjoy prudence and planning.


Scorpio, this month the Queen of Swords asks you to be rational and fair but without over demanding yourself and others. You may feel more quiet, introverted and have the need to be alone to connect with your most mental and rational part. It is a good month for you to learn how to control and dominate your emotions in order to avoid being carried away by them. Bring out your impartiality and rationally, and analyze the situation before making any decision. Your head may be doing better than your heart at this time. This does not mean that you should deny or push your emotions away. Recognize them, name them and live them. Use your experience as a foundation and be inspired by it.

Connect with your inner security and that will help you not lose your calm and be above the circumstances.

Sagittarius - THE DEATH

Sagittarius, a month of recycling, great changes and transformation is coming. To get into it, it is necessary to let die or end the things that no longer serve you and that are not key in your life. It is time to cut those ties, ideas, thoughts, attitudes and circumstances that you do not want to be part of your new self. Put the ties aside and begin to reflect on what thoughts and actions you have to change in order to move in the direction you want.

This change can take a long time so you must be patient, be constant and, above all, enjoy it. Stay calm because this will be a positive transformation that will mark a before and after in you.

Capricorn - V OF PENTACLES

Capricorn, you don’t have to figure it out all yourself, lock yourself up in yourself and your depths as you like to do. Instead of getting confused with problems, from time to time it is good to ask for outside help. The V of Pentacles invites you this month to search outside of yourself. Maybe by being closed in yourself you are missing opportunities. In a moment to identify what situations make you sad, overwhelmed or pessimistic, ask for help to remedy it. This card also invites you to look at what feelings and emotions you have frozen and thus be able to start unlocking yourself.


Aquarius, this month the Queen of Wands invites you to take all your energy, enthusiasm and vitality wherever you go. This card encourages you to connect with your leading side and take charge of any situation. If you want things to happen, you will have to work, carry things out and not stop. Your capacity for action will be key for this month. Do activities or surround yourself with people who help you awaken your inner fire and connect with your courage. Get excited in your day to day life and do not allow circumstances to dominate you. It is time for you to master them.

If you feel that you are having a bad time, this card invites you to bring out the confidence in yourself and be sure that you can achieve everything you want. Trust your intuition and your potential and surround yourself with people who take you out of your comfort zone. Follow your adventurous soul because this will lead you to a new world and will create new ambitions for yourself.

Pisces - V OF CUPS

Pisces, the V of Cups invites you to let your sorrows pass and put them aside. You may still be trapped in nostalgia or sad moments. It is time to leave them behind. You will see that the V of Cups shows three glasses dropped and two raised behind the back. It is a very visual card that invites you to value what you have and that perhaps you are not seeing because you are very focused on what you lost. Remember that sadness is temporary and that time heals everything. This month invites you to take a good look at yourself, to flow and value everything around you. You may discover new sources of happiness.

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