Why don’t I feel identified with my Zodiac Sign?

How many times have we heard our friends, family or even ourselves say “I am a Leo, but I don’t feel identified with my zodiac sign… I have the moon in Scorpio, but I don’t really relate to that.” There are also those born on peak days, i.e., those born on the solar transition day between a zodiac sign and the other, who identify more with one sign than the other. 

 What is the reason? There are many reasons for this. Sometimes it is the young age of people, the lack of introspection and not seeing the birth chart as a whole or not seeing the planetary influences on an element or sign in our birth chart. carta.

1. Miscalculation of the birth chart

Sometimes, a card may be miscalculated. If we do not know the date, time and exact place of birth, information can change drastically. It is not the same being born at 5am and being ascendant Sagittarius than being born at 6am and being Ascendant Capricorn.

2. Failure to evaluate the letter as a whole

There is no need to try to adjust the birth chart to match our traits to the stereotypes.. It’s about opening your mind and seeing the possibility that it does work if you have the appropriate tools to understand our chart. The most frequent error is usually the failure to take into account the charter as a whole and to consider other influences at the specific point in question.

Let’s put ejemplo someone who does not identify with your Ascendant in Aries. sun in Libra, moon in Cancer, Mercury in Virgo… But the Aries Ascendant? Someone shy, fearful, not very assertive or impulsive. why? One reason is that this person has Saturn in Aries on the Ascendant, so it’s no wonder they can’t identify with their Ascendant. 

The characteristic traits of Aries such as self-confidence, courage, assertiveness… are things that may not come naturally to you as they are supposed to with your Ascendant sign. This can be attributed to the position of Saturn, the planet of restraint, boundaries, responsibility, etc… placed in the first house (personality). So this piece of the puzzle now makes sense. All planets making aspects to the Ascendant or conjunct it will play an important role. So will the ruler of the Ascendant.


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3. Not taking into account the energies of the other planets in the chart.

The same can happen with other planets such as the Sun, Moon, Mercury, etc. Likewise, if your Sun is in Piscis, which is by no means an aggressive or impulsive sign, but is in conjunction or in square with Mars, you will not identify with some descriptions of Pisces as indirect or quiet.

4. Lack of introspection and self-knowledge

Not seeing the chart as a whole is the biggest reason for not identifying with a particular element of the chart, but not the only one. The lack of self-knowledge, lack of experience, projections onto others and misunderstandings of the meaning of energy are most common.. In addition, we do not always see ourselves clearly. Others may see traits and qualities in ourselves that we do not identify with. Sometimes we are so busy living inside ourselves that it is difficult to know for sure what we are projecting.

We can also live the birth chart in another way. We may repeatedly encounter energies in our chart that we do not ” possess” and yet they arise in events, people or conditions that are outside of us. We may deny parts of our Sun and/or Mars and find ourselves with that expression of energy in others.

5. Maybe the time has not come yet

It is also influenced by the fact that our personalities will evolve over time. When you are young, you have not yet had the opportunity to discover the many facets of your birth chart. It is possible that thanks to the planetary transits, certain planets are activated and moments are created in our lives that will help us discover and learn a little more about ourselves. 

On the other hand, there are many people who are unsure of their Sun sign because they were born on a peak day, or who know their Sun sign, but identify more with the sign on the other side of the peak. Almost always, a person who identifies more with the other sun sign is because they have other personal planets positioned in that sign. For example, you may have the Gemini Sun and identify strongly with Taurus, this may be because you have Mercury and
Venus in the sign of Taurus. The same is true for the Ascendants

The birth chart provides us with endless knowledge, tools and opportunities to evolve, grow and be our best version. From miistico we recommend that if you are one of those people who does not fully connect with your birth chart and do not know why, you dare to discover, deepen and answer all those doubts. 

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