Why do I self-sabotage?

by Virginia, Numerologist

Your life has a pattern, if you don't understand it well, you can self-sabotage yourself.

Everything is a pattern, all of life, but we can’t always see the pattern when we’re in it” – Belva Plain

It is key to know your pattern, so that it does NOT drive you….

Pythagoras already showed it to us when he named the Universe as Cosmos, which means order…

And everything that surrounds us and even ourselves, are part of that order, of that Cosmos…, with all that this implies, both our creative power, as well as the order or pattern implicit in our existence…

Because the universe is consciousness, it is intelligence that wishes to experience itself and evolves thanks to this order that transcends time….

We can experience in infinite ways, but always according to a pattern, to an order…

¿Por qué me autosaboteo?

Order in your life. What does this mean?

Your life keeps a pattern, follows a code in which this order is collected and when you live in a coherent way with it, everything is harmonious, but when you go against your pattern, your system … everything goes wrong…

This pattern is your “game”, what your soul wants to live and that contributes that grain of sand to the eagerness of the Universe to experiment…

But it is about YOU mastering your game, mastering your pattern, and not the game mastering you…

It would also be like your instruction book, your particular one, the one that fits you and works for you.

Understanding very well your pattern, your order, opens the doors to the life you desire, since your energetic system feels safe in your consciousness and dares to go through what you would otherwise self-sabotage yourself?

The more you know yourself, the less you fear yourself…and therefore, you open yourself to possibilities that you would not have considered before.

Why do we self-sabotage?

Because of fear, and fear is what has already happened to us, although we often do not remember it, but it is stored in our subconscious.

It is not enough just to know it, my advice is to understand very well your pattern…your game…to set in motion “your game”.

Understanding it not only allows you to open yourself to the possibility of living what you want, but also that you will not get carried away by your pattern.

This is another of the dangers of not knowing it, ending up trapped in it, over-identifying with it, with all that it entails, and manifesting it from attachment…

What do I get by knowing my pattern?

Recognizing and knowing how your pattern works, represented in a numerical Quantum Sequence, will also bring coherence to your whole evolutionary process…all your lives are reordered…rewritten….

For our Being, time does not exist, everything “plays” in the now, where what happened one minute ago affects us as much as what we lived 5 lives ago…and it can condition us to make decisions, to move forward, if we are not conscious of our pattern, of how we “function”, activating automatisms that come from much, much further back, as well as fears from other lives…

Our current life is the set of all our transit, of all our lives: We are a library with a great memory that affects us in the present…

Thanks to Quantum Numerology you can give order to all your existential process, you will know what you left to do in other lives, what you were not able to do, but most important of all, you will know what you need to evolve and live a full life, aligned with you, in this life, in your present, from where you have the opportunity to create new realities that fill you and that are different from what you have lived before…

Not only can I let you know your pattern, I can also accompany you in the process of setting it in motion. I will be very happy and my energetic pattern even more.


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