What is the Kabbalah?

THE Kabbalahis a very ancient knowledge that has been sustained over the centuries thanks to the different schools that have maintained its teaching up to the present day.

The Kabbalah tells us that all the experiences that happen to us in life are previously agreed upon by our souls before we were born. We have reached an agreement with our parents, siblings, friends, bosses… to live certain experiences.

Kabbalistic study tells you your paths in life, the tasks you have come to work on and also helps you to see what you have already learned in other incarnations, i.e. the “progress” you carry as a soul. All this is calculated with your name and surname + date of birth.

With Kabbalistic studies you can see the concrete tasks and what kind of situations can happen to us so that we learn them. This helps us a lot in understanding your life and also gives you another focus, when you experience a situation you understand better why it happens to you and not to someone else.

There are a total of 22 paths in the Kabbalah, related to the 22 arcana of the tarot.

Paths are an orientation for when we feel lost, they are like the GPS of the soul, we all have three paths with us: origin, transformation and destiny.

The origin is the one we bring as a souvenir from another life to help us in this incarnation, it does not have to be the one from your last life. The transformation path is something that we bring integrated in us, our essence, our way of being, and it is what will allow us to transform ourselves. The destiny path is what we have come to learn, what is most difficult for us and what life will put us in certain situations so that we can put it into practice.

These are learning experiences that are presented to us throughout our lives and where we put our spiritual attitude to the test.The Kabbalah conceives physical illnesses as warnings of our soul for having a bad spiritual attitude, depending on the energy of the person, it will manifest in one area or another. Although these learnings may seem easy at first glance, in reality we have to work on them throughout the incarnations.

This is what you have already worked on in other incarnations.

The plans help us to to know what things we fail to do when it comes to achieving what we set out to do.

Here we can see how certain traits of our way of being can somatize us in muscular tensions in different parts of the body.

Here we have other learning tasks that are a little deeper at the soul level. The learning tasks seen above are more group-based, while these are more personal.

We all have spiritual guides, they are consciousnesses higher than us that help us from another plane, although we cannot see them. We can perceive them as intuitions, sensations…. Many times we meet them through our dreams.

They are tasks that we have left pending with specific people in other incarnations, so they will appear throughout life to close them.

We all have certain dates in our lives that have marked us in one way or another, one of them is the age of change, which indicates the moment in which we begin to experience a series of situations in order to learn what we have not yet worked on in previous lives.

It is the total sum of the digits of the date of birth, separated by day, month and year.

Calcula tu edad de cambio

Not only to help us in our daily lives, but also to help other people. What I can bring learned from another life, someone else is learning in this one and vice versa, in the end we all learn from each other.

Living life without purpose, without being afraid of the complicated situations that appear to us on the way. With the study of Kabbalah we can see the concrete tasks and what kind of situations can happen to us so that we can learn them.

This is very helpful to the understanding of your life and it also gives you another focus, when you experience a situation you understand better why it happens to you and not to someone else.

Happy learning!

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