What is the I Ching: The book of changes

As explained by Azahara, I Ching professional at Miistico “The I Ching could be translated as “The book of changes”, and it shows us how changes appear and occur in our lives”.

If you find yourself in a situation of change in your life or changes are coming, in this article we explain what the I Ching is and why you may be interested in it.

Qué es el I Ching

What is the I Ching

The I Ching is a millenary oracular book of Taoist origin, which has been modified over the years. It is one of the oldest books of Chinese thought and it is estimated that it was written between 1,000 and 2,000 B.C. Its meaning in English is “book of mutations” or “book of changes”.

This book is based on the idea that the only constant in the world and in life is change and becomes a tool for consultation and reflection in the face of the multiple and constant changes that occur in the life of each one of us. This ancient book of Chinese wisdom aims to invite reflection on who we are, how we feel and how to approach each change or challenge.

When to consult the I Ching

  1. If you are going through a process of change and you want to understand and reflect on the results of the change, your attitudes and your ideas.
  2. If changes are coming in your life and you need elements of reflection to help you in making decisions.
  3. If you want to ask for advice from the “Universe” in a specific situation.
  4. If you want to understand how you have arrived at a specific situation and reflect on the lessons learned from it.

How the I Ching can help me

This millenary book invites to reflection and provides elements for decision making. Its ideas are represented through hexagrams which represent an image and this hexagram is made with coins or sticks.

As Azahara, I Ching professional at Miistico, says “the I Ching helps us to foresee the future (not predict it) through the understanding of results, ideas, attitudes, facts, or words of a specific situation. It provides a clear vision of the present and offers us how to face it with respect to that concrete situation or specific thing that is worrying or troubling us.

How to consult the I Ching

The process for consulting the I Ching works as follows:

  1. First, a question is asked that is as specific and concrete as possible. The more specific and concrete the question, the more specific the interpretation or message of the I Ching will be.
  2. Once the question is formulated, three equal coins or sticks are tossed and assigned a value. They are tossed 6 times, one for each line of the hexagram. Once we have the 6 lines we will have the hexagram to consult.
  3. The hexagram is looked up in the I Ching book and the answer is interpreted. The book contains interpretations, messages and wisdom of the Chinese culture. For its interpretation we always recommend consulting a professional who has studied this culture and book.

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