What is Halloween and why is it celebrated?

Halloween eis a celebration of Celtic origin and was originally known by the Gaelic word of Samhain” (“fin del verano”). This holiday is celebrated the night of October 31 to November 1 and on this day, the ancient Celts commemorated the Celtic New Year or the end of the harvest. Autumn and its fall of leaves marked the end of a period and the beginning of a new cycle .

It is a festival of transition and opening towards something new. The Celts, along with other pre-Hispanic cultures, believed that in Samhain the veil between the earthly and the spiritual world was narrowed allowing spirits to cross through it. A magical night in which both worlds (that of the living and that of the dead), are more united and communicate.

The spirits of the deceased people returned to visit the world of mortals and the ancestors of the family were honored and invited to the home. For this reason, it was a custom to leave food and sweets outside the house as an offering to the spirits. Also, it was a night to light candles and be able to help the souls of the dead to find their way to the light and to be able to rest in peace.

On the other hand, in On the night of October 31, purifying rituals were also held to say goodbye to the year and honor the ancestors.

From mystical we propose we propose 5 guided rituals obtained from the project“A positive feeling about death and grief” de Cristina Mourelo, focused on art therapy as a healing method to connect with and honor your ancestors.

  • Opening and connection:
  1.  Breathe slowly and deeply, becoming aware of the energies around you.
  2. Imagine that you are in a protective bubble, wide enough for you and transparent so that you can see and feel everything.
  3. Visualize the person you would like to contact.

* This technique symbolizes your self-cleaning and return to vitality. Feel the love that this person is transmitting to you, visualize them in a color and when you are relaxed, stretch and gently open your eyes. Readjust to the environment and let the renewed energy flow.

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Ritual 1: Summon

Think about your last moment with that person and invoke that moment as a starting point for the following exercises. Realize your positive emotions and feel their positive energy.

After this, you can choose between Ritual 2 or 3, you can also perform both.

Ritual 2: Call

Look for the charm in your life with that person. Draw a representation of 1 moment of joy and 2 words that person gave you at that moment.*You can always carry this memory with you in your purse.

Benefit : Therapeutic writing is a pleasant way to understand ourselves, materialize thought and help us clear our minds.

Ritual 3: Gift something

Recreate with clay something that reminds you and brings that person closer.

* This is a memory to keep in a safe place.

Benefit : Telling stories and telling blessings can increase happiness by reminding us of the good things in life. The gift is a way of praising yourself.

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Ritual 4: Be thankful

Write / draw or represent with hieroglyphics a piece of love, gratitude or regret to that person.

* You can paste this note on the edges of a mirror.

< p> Benefit: This is a way to please that person. If you identify a regret, this is a favorable reminder to try harder in your relationships and learn to care for them.

  • Closing: 

Once you have finished all your rituals, close your eyes for twenty seconds and think about all the exercises that you have engaged in with X. Notice all the positive ideas, energies, emotions and experiences that you just thought of. Thank them for the moment they have given you until today and say softly out loud or to yourself three times: “Please help me heal. Thank you. “Let go of your intention and let X receive it.

* Remember: Practice makes perfect. You may not have connected 100% with X or how you would like, but at least you have tried.


Look back and evaluate everything you have practiced. Perhaps you have developed your own ritual and gained self-reflection on this matter. It is important to set aside time to remember important dates. For example, you can light a candle on his birthday. 

Small actions will add meaning to X’s life. It’s worth noting that everyone is different and no one answer will satisfy everyone. It depends on each person, but the most important thing is to find meaning to your loss in your own time and way. Time does not heal everything, but it certainly offers us a perspective to take one or another attitude towards life.

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