What does it mean to see repeated numbers?

¿Has it ever happened to you that you keep seeing repeated numbers wherever you go? On your cell phone, on TV, on the street… every time you look at the time on your cell phone, you see the same numbers or mirror times (for example, 01:01, 15:15, 22:22…). Seeing repeated digits wherever you go is more common than you think.  

If a figure is constantly displayed to you, according to the numerology experts, it means that the Universe is sending you a message or a signal. It shows you something you need to do in your life or something you may be overlooking. 

In Numerology each digit has its own vibration and meaning. When these are combined we get a more complete description of the message the Cosmos may be sending us. The repeated numbers are a form of communication and guidancefor your life if you learn to read and “listen” to them.”.

These are subliminal messages received by our conscious and subconscious. Their understanding and comprehension can serve as tools for self-awareness, as signals or guidance.

“Numbers are the language in which the Universe is expressed, everything we see and do not see.” – Pitágoras.

How do I know what a repeated number means?

This applies both to seeing the same number repeated (e.g. 222) and to seeing the same combination wherever you go (e.g. 231). To understand their meaning you must study the individual meaning of each of these numbers and combine them. In the case of seeing 231 repeatedly, you should look at the meaning of the digit 2, 3 and 1 and combine their messages to get a complete one. You can see the meaning of each number here

In the case of the same repeated digit, the Universe is trying to emphasize a concept. To do so, you can read below what it means to see each of the digits repeated: 

11 o 111: new beginnings and intuition

Seeing the number 1 repeated several times represents a new beginning. It invites you to accept the energies and situations that the Universe sends you to enter a new cycle of personal growth. The repeated number 1 also invites you to connect with your intuition. It asks you to listen to those hunches or hunches you receive and embrace them to start this new path. It is time to listen to your instinct and your heart. 

Qué significa ver números repetidos

22 o 222: opportunities and goals

The number 2 repeated invites you to open your eyes wide to detect and take advantage of the opportunities that are presenting themselves to you. The Universe is offering you new options and wants you to open your eyes so that you don’t let them pass you by. The number 2 repeated tells you that it is time to transform your dreams into reality so you must focus on what you want to achieve. It is time to have determination to reach your goal. 

33 or 333: balance

The number 3 repeated asks you to balance your whole being: mind, body and soul. It is the number of the trinity and may indicate that there is something in you or in your life that needs to be balanced. If you see the number 3 repeated several times, make a situational point of your being and your life to see what aspect needs to be balanced to reach your fullness. It may indicate that there is some aspect that needs change or adaptation. 

44 or 444: protection or stability

The number 4 repeated sends you a message of protection. It reaffirms that you are protected by the Universe and invites you to pay attention to your thoughts and possibilities. It also asks you to take care of your physical and emotional well-being to be in harmony and guarantee your stability. 

55 o 555: change and adventure

The number 5 repeated shows you that a big change may be coming to your life. It is a change that brings with it new adventures and it will be good to always accept it with caution. There may be a lot going on around you so pay attention to your dreams or those moments when you let your subconscious come to the surface. This message would be like that of the Tarot card Wheel of Fortune. This arcane invites you to accept the opportunities and changes that life brings you and it is in your hand to make them positive. 

66 or 666: stop or setback

The repeated Number 6 invites you to stop or even take a step back to analyze your present situation. It asks you to analyze which things bring you in your life and which ones are no longer part of you and you need to let them go. Also, it is a number of balance between reason and instinct. 

77 o 777: spirituality and inner strength

The number 7 repeated reminds you that you are on the right track. You are doing well and it encourages you to continue to have courage and bravery to face the challenges that come your way. It is a spiritual and miraculous number that encourages you to move forward. Let go of your fears and look to the future with optimism and enthusiasm.  

88 o 888: stability and balance

The number 8 repeated tells you that all aspects of your life are in harmony. You are at the end of a cycle so it invites you to take stock of the situations lived and to prepare for a new stage. 

99 or 999: conclusion or clousure of the cycle

The number 9 repeated invites you to leave behind that which is no longer part of you and you do not want to take with you in the new stage you are entering. It can be an old love, an attitude or people who do not contribute to you. It is the moment to make a good closing of cycle and to start over.. The time has come to let go and enter cleanly into this new phase of your life. 

00 or 000

The number 0 repeated invites you to be aware that you are part of a whole. The Universe and each of us are one, so you are the only one responsible for writing your life and your destiny. It reminds you that divinity lives within you, so feel its presence and connect with it. 

Now you can listen and know how to read the signals that the Universe sends you through the numbers. The next time this happens to you, we invite you to stop and analyze what those numbers are telling you and accept their messages.

Welcome to the wonderful world of Numerology!

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