What are OH Cards

The OH Cards are associative cards with an image and a word. They are so called because of the surprise we feel when we see them when we turn them over to answer our questions. The first OH cards were created by Ely Raman in 1975 as an attempt to bring art to the general public and in 1983, the German psychologist, Moritz Egetmeyer, discovered them and began to use them as a therapeutic tool to make it easier for their patients to connect with their inner world and deep emotions.

The OH Cardsthemselves have no meaning. We can say they are little works of art that function as unwritten books that lead us to connect with the messages of our subconscious. Each person interprets them with a unique meaning that arises at that time in connection with the subject of the consultation. Cards taken randomlyoften illuminate a person’s life situation with an unexpected and surprising connection. 

They are used to find new paths, new perspectives or alternatives.. They also allow us to remember our inner resources and gain more clarity when we feel confused. When we look at the images that appears on the cards, we begin to connect with sensations and the messages from our subconscious reach us. in relation to the situation we wish to investigate. 

right hemisphere
of our brain loves images and through these cards it reconnects us with our creativity to find positive solutions.

Qué son las Cartas OH

How can the Oh Cards help us to improve any situation in life and any relationship?

Now that we know what Oh Cards are, let’s see how they can help us. During a coaching session with the Oh Cards, we shed light on something that was in the dark and we can detect our limiting beliefs, our blockages or our resources to improve a situation, evolve on a personal level and achieve our goals.

AsCarl Jung said: “Until the unconscious becomes conscious, the subconscious will continue to run your life and you will call it destiny.”

What topics can we work on in a session with OH charts?

This type of session will help you become aware of where you are and where you want to go.

As an example: 

  • I have everything, but I don’t feel happy. My wish is to feel fullness and more enjoyment. Work on self-esteem, stress management and uncomfortable emotions.
  • In theory, I know that I am enough and valuable, but in reality, I feel insecure and criticize myself a lot. My desire is to improve the relationship with myself and dissolve the negative tendencies that are present in each and every one of us.
  • I feel uncomfortable when I interact with my mother/father/partner/children. I would like to improve my relationships or simply be at peace.
  • When I have a partner, I feel emotional dependence. I would like to love without suffering and enjoy my relationship more, thus improving the dynamics as a couple.
  • My desire is to improve my relationship with money or with my job.
  • The willingness to haveassertive communication with everyone around me.
  • Resolving thelack of motivation and integrate positive energy into your daily life.
  • Working on anxious attachment and detaching from an ex.

During the session, I will teach you tools based on the messages that come up to align you with your desire and be the energy of what you want to attract.

What are the benefits of OH-Cards?

  • The OH cards help usconnect with the unconscious and discover more clearly the limiting beliefs or blocks. in relation to a specific topic.
  • Coaching processes are practical and short because they aim to provide effective, simple and enjoyable tools to make necessary changes., obtain the desired results and acquire skills to flow with life’s challenges.
  • Transforming thoughts that hurt or limit you, unblocking what prevents you from achieving your goals and living with more well-being, peace and enjoyment. 

Get to know Anne-Sophie, expert in Emotional Coaching and OH-Cards. “The OH-Cards have given me great learnings: my life experiences such as motherhood, my divorce, my job as a teacher, living in another country, complicated relationship with my mother, healing my lack of affection and anxious attachment with men.”

Remember: “As you think, you feel. As you feel, you vibrate. As you vibrate, you attract.”

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