January 10 to 16



IV of Pentacles

You may have achieved secururity and stabilidy in certain aspects. But beware of becoming stagnant and getting carried away by greed. Don’t forget about the other aspects of your life and remember that you always learn something in order to move forward.



The Temperance

Taurus, the Temperance invites you today to flow and let yourself be carried along by circumstances. Communicate with your environment, adapt to it and seek harmony in yourself. Be careful with excesses and make moderation your ally.



The Hanged Man

Today is a day to stop, reflect and not rush into decisions. If you feel stuck, do activities or surround yourself with people who will help you see things form another perspective or point of view.



VIII of Swords

Cancer, your emotions and thoughts are blinding you from seeing that nothing is as bad as it seems. Use reason and logic; take time to reflect and look inside yourself.



IX of Cups

Leo, we start the week with a very positive card. The IX of Cups brings happiness and emotional fulfillment. Take advantage of this week to enjoy it, feel strong and visualize your next challenges or goals to continue enriching your life on all levels.



The Hermit

The Hermit is a symbol of experience, knowledge, and inner life. It is also synonymous with solitude and willpower. As number IX, it symbolizes the end of a cycle, the closing of a stage in which it will be necessary to look within to find balance. This week, you may feel more introverted, calm and prudent. Patience will be your ally because everything will come, even if it takes time.



IV of Swords

It’s time to take a break, stop and reflect. You may have gone through a difficult or complicated situation for you. Get some distance from everything you need and give yourself time.



The Lovers

The Lovers invite you to fall in love with yourself, to want to do things well and to transmit love to those around you. The Lovers card also brings with it different choices and decisions that you will have to make in order to move forward and commit to them.



VIII of Cups

The VIII of Cups invites you to reflect on what aspects bring you fulfilment and be consistent with it. Although at times it may be painful or complicated, don’t put your energies into things, situations or people that you know don’t bring you emotional fulfilment.



VII of Swords

The VII of Swords invites you to bring out your cunning and diplomatic side. Don’t rush and plan well what you want. It is time to take advantage of circumstances and play your cards right.



IX of Wands

Even though things have become difficult, it is time to persist, put in the effort and keep going because you are on the right track. If necessary, put up barriers to anything that prevents you from moving forward.




The Justice

Pisces, this week don’t be hasty and take decisions calmly. Take time to weigh the pros and cons of every situation.

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