Venus in Capricorn

Generally, los Venus transits For each Sign they have been 45 days, but now we are living a quite special period since Venus will be retrograde in Capricorn as well … Here we can see its trajectory:

  • Venus enters Capricorn on the 6th / 11/2021
  • It will be in retrograde motion from 12/19/21 to 01/29/22
  • Advance until leaving Capricorn on 03/06/22
  • < li> Return to Capricorn on 12/11/22

This alignment will open space to reinvent all of our personal and collective structures. Here is this video where you can find more details about the implications of Venus in Capricorn. Click here

What does Venus in Capricorn offer us? To understand it better, take a minute, close your eyes and create the following images in your mind:

Venus is the Aphrodite, the Diva of our personal Universe, represents sensuality and abundance. Capricorn is the Archetype of the wise man, the magician, the Lord of Time < /strong>…

Now imagine these two figures together, trying to converse … Well, this is how you will be negotiating with your own energy.

On the one hand you will have to define what really matters and has value for you, let go of everything else, then integrate and adjust your habits and actions to create the sustainable foundation for what you want to manifest in your life.

This is an aspect that releases a lot of power to connect with the legacy of our lived experiences and awakens the clarity necessary to embrace responsibility for what we express in our lives .

Venus will be determined to materialize what she wants, so she will not measure efforts to convince Capricorn to be her guide and manager for everything that is necessary.

Thus that this will be a time to be clear about what is truly important at all times in order to deliberately concentrate resources and actions.

“It is not about motivation, it is a decision.” Capricorn Spectrum

Gratitude and love!

Kinicha, Astrologer and Neurolinguist at miistico.


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