What is miistico?

miistico is a digital platform that connects users with mystical-services professionals following a rigorous selection process, through which we select only the best.

We were born with the desire to promote and enhance the use of mystical services as tools for personal development and self-knowledge. We believe that the understanding of the influence of the stars, energy, our environment and our nature is key to wellness and personal development.

Sobre nosotros

5 principles of miistico

We do everything with love, excitment, and illusion.

We believe that we are a small dot in an immense universe and all the elements that compose it are interrelated. The world is much more than the physical dimension that we see and we want to promote the development and recognition of the spiritual or unconscious dimension.

The cards, the stars, the energy and the different elements indicate, but do not sentence. Everyone is responsible for his or her own actions and only the decisions and actions of a person can modify his or her future. That is why we believe in it.

Each of the techniques included in the platform requires training, practice, experience, and following a code of ethics. Good professionals are there to interpret and inform about the different options and trends, but not to express judgment or say what a person should do.

Your feedback is very important for us to continue to grow and guarantee a community of mystical services based on quality, trust, transparency and confidentiality.


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