The Sun in the Natal Chart: Why are we more than our zodiac sign?

by Irene, Astrologer at miistico

When one begins their first contact with the astrological world, we always (or almost always) initially becomes aware of our zodiac sign by trying to find out its characteristics or by consulting the horoscope. Sometimes, one feels recognized in the attributes of the sign and sometimes, on the contrary, one does not feel akin to it.

Sol en la carta natal

The zodiac sign linked to our day of birth refers to our Sun in our birth chart. The Sun is one of the luminaries in astrology, along with the Moon, and takes on vital importance in the reading of our birth chart as it refers to our center and core identity. The Sun is the central part of our personality and takes on vital relevance regarding our life purpose. The Sun allows us to connect with our own motivations that lead us to processes of individuality and personal integrity. It is the center of our identity and is therefore linked to the ego and self-esteem. Nurturing our center allows us to nurture our self-esteem and not give up our uniqueness. Through self-knowledge (and even self-discovery) of our Sun it will help us to a correct personal development and satisfaction. It is the most visible part of our self.

When we go through a period in which we do not connect with our Sun, we feel unmotivated and, consequently, off-center. The reason? We are not connecting with our essence, that is, our center and our own motivations. The Sun rules as planet the sign of Leo, sign that represents passion, vitality, creativity… knowing in which sign is our Sun will indicate us in this way what we are passionate about, what motivates us,…

Well, and if I tell you that the Sun according to our zodiac sign, even with its relevance, does not represent and encompass our psyche and personality in its entirety at an astrological level. The Sun, in the chart, is the director that directs the rest of the departments (planetary positions according to sign and house) that make up our chart. Not all Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer… are prototypical to the same extent, right? This is due to the planetary regencies, which indicate the connection between planets and zodiac signs and thus have a similar vibration. When you ask for someone’s ruler, you are asking for the planet equivalent to their Sun. For example, the ruler of the sign of Aries is Mars. If I have the Sun in Aries and Mars in Taurus, being two energies that are already differentiated by their element: Aries is Fire and Taurus is Earth. This position defines my “ariality”, which perhaps I do not identify at first with the martial and Aries energy. Consulting where each one has its ruler, for example Mars for Aries, gives us information about the “type of Aries” with which our solar energy vibrates.

This is the starting point in the birth chart, to know which is your planetary ruler according to your sign and to discover in which position of the birth chart it is in order to discover how the energy is nuanced and what motivates us, which is also part of our purpose in order to integrate it and bring us closer to it.

The network of aspects that interconnect the different planetary positions are also important. Knowing which dynamic aspects are present, especially with our Sun and our ruler, will help us to know what energy is activated and to take advantage of it by knowing it and becoming aware of it.

Other major relevant blocks are the Moon and the Ascendant, and the regency does not only apply to the Sun. Each sign has its ruler, and if it is not in reference to the Sun, they are called dispositors. In this case, if I have the Moon in Gemini, if I want to have more information about how I live my Moon (and therefore my emotional needs) I will have to look at where I have Mercury in my chart, for example.

In a natal chart reading it is important to delve into the planetary positions to see which energies are predominant in each chart. These energies that become relevant refer to the activation of different planets in the birth chart, which see their energy nuanced through the sign in which they are located and how they are interconnected with the rest of the positions in the chart. At the same time, knowing in which house they are, will indicate us in which areas of experience or environments we can more easily develop and take advantage of our skills.

From a psychological astrology perspective, the birth chart is a tool that allows self-knowledge and self-discovery. It is linked to transformation and personal development, from the ability to broaden the view to know oneself from another perspective, it changes the way of seeing oneself. The birth chart does not determine, that is to say, it does not limit or condition in itself, but it allows you to know your astral configuration in order to accept yourself. To know your lights and your shadows, your potentialities and your internal conflicts.

In this case, knowing your Sun allows you to know what your center asks for and what energy you vibrate with in essence.

– Irene, Astrologer at miistico

Hi! I’m Irene, psychologist and social worker specialized in children at social risk.

I am an astrologer trained in psychological astrology as a tool for self-knowledge and personal development.

I have been interested in the world of astrology for more than 15 years and I consider myself self-taught until my passion and motivation for it led me to decide to train to have a more rigorous knowledge. I delved into astrology from the psychological current, which is my basic training and profession for more than 6 years in the social field focused on childhood.

Through the Natal Chart I will accompany you in a process of knowledge of ourselves and we will discover the influence that the cosmos has on our identity and how it guides us. Astrology serves as a tool for self-knowledge and personal development where we can enhance our strengths and learn to work our inner conflicts or what we live as a limitation.


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