The role of Women in the Tarot

Tarot is a tool for personal development and growth that helps us to know ourselves better, identify our potential and work on our shortcomings. This tool works as a magnifying mirror that shows you as you are and helps you understand yourself better. 

In the Tarot deck different women are represented and each one of them shows a type of feminine energy or archetype. Understanding which one you identify with in the present moment can help you understand your vital moment. 

Here are the main women or feminine energies represented in the Tarot and we invite you to do the following self-knowledge exercise. 

Of all of them, which one do you identify with the most, which one inspires you, which one generates rejection?  The answer to these questions invites you to delve into your depths and connect with your innermost self. For this exercise you do not have to be a woman. Remember that all of us, regardless of our gender, are composed of feminine (or yin) energy and masculine (or yang) energy.

Women in the Tarot: The Major Arcana

The High Priestess (II)

The first woman to be represented in the Major Arcana is the High Priestess. This archetype represents the most intimate, mysterious, and hidden part of the human being. It refers to our inner world and the depths of our psyche. This character symbolizes intuition, sensitivity, wisdom and prudence. The card invites us to adopt an attitude of silence and connect with the inner-self of each one of us. 

It asks yourself: 

  • ¿What does your intuition tell you? Do you usually listen to it?
  • ¿How connected are you to yourself?
  • What is in your depths or what do you usually hide?
Mujer en el tarot

The Empress (III)

The Empress card represents abundance and development in all its splendor. It is an expansive card, full of vitality and energy. It represents that comfortable and settled figure who knows how to enjoy the pleasures of life. The Venus symbol is represented throughout the chart, conveying sensuality, motherhood, and beauty. Your creative imagination allows you to generate all that you desire. This card invites you to connect with your sensual side and with the pleasures of life. 

It asks yourself: 

  • What are you creating? How are you approaching your creativity?
  • What areas or things generate pleasure or enjoyment for you?
  • Do you make time to love yourself?

The Star (XVII)

The Star represents a “rebirth”. It brings with it new illusions and projects. It presents a new dawn, a new beginning or rebirth. This card brings you hope and faith in the future. It speaks of the naturalness and purity with which you will face life. The Star Sirius shines above the others, endowing this card with light, illusion, harmony and love. It reminds you that everything is changeable, nothing is eternal so there is always hope. The beauty and personal beauty and protection are present in it. This card brings peace to the soul, faith in the future and protection in all aspects. This card invites you to remember that illusions help us to swim in the sea of life. Also, it asks you to connect with illusion and hope and asks yourself: 

  • Are you connected to your dreams and projects? 
  • What makes you tick? What makes you excited? 
  • What is the star that guides your path? What do you do to achieve it?

Women in the Tarot: The Minor Arcana

Queen of Pentacles

The Queen of Pentacles represents that practical, responsible and stable feminine energy. It is the most earthy and efficient part in everything that is proposed. This queen invites you to bring out the confidence you have in yourself. The results will be assured if you put effort, work and dedication in everything you do. Also, this queen invites you to be aware of everything you have achieved so far and enjoy it.

Queen of Wands

The Queen of Wands is that feminine energy charged with vitality, passion and enthusiasm. It is the pure fire that activates things and moves them into action. Vision and leadership are part of this archetype. Therefore, this queen tells you that it is time to wake up and connect with your leadership skills and your passion to take charge of the situations you are facing.

Queen of Swords

The Queen of Swords is a more rational and mental feminine energy. That fair energy capable of making a clear-cut decision. This queen asks you to be rational and fair but without going over the line with the demands to you and others. It is a time when it will be good to control and dominate your emotions and avoid getting carried away by them. These days your head may give better results than your feelings.

Queen of Cups

The Queen of Cups represents that more emotional feminine energy. She is the queen of intuition, emotion and feelings. She is loving, protective and shelters everyone around her. This Queen of Cups invites you to bring out your emotions and feelings. Communicate with affection, connect with others from emotion and flow with your feelings. Very good things can come out if you show or share them. It is the time to let yourself be carried away by sweetness and love.

Once you have seen what each feminine energy represents, which one do you identify with right now?

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