The Portal Energies of 02-02-2022

Every day is an energetic opportunity… each day has its own energy represented in numbers. We give a lot of importance to the so-called “portals”, but in reality the portal is us 🙂 when we take charge of our creative power and take advantage of the energetic potential at our disposal…

And this happens every day.

Let’s see what opportunities are presented to us today, 02-02-2022, from a numerical point of view… on this so-called energy portal…

This day has the energy of the number 2 very marked, thus expanding the properties of this vibration.

The number 2 indicates the way to reach the objective, the energetic proposal, which is 1 (numerical reduction of the day, or as it is called in Numerology, Theosophical reduction).

The objective or energetic proposal is to take responsibility and determination in our life (energy of number 1), without forgetting our emotional, vulnerable, feminine part, all of them characteristics of number 2.  That is, to find a balance between our feminine and masculine energy, energetic structure that every human being has, but that we usually have unbalanced and ends up becoming the shadow, governing us from our unconscious.

This day invites us to connect with our intuition, with our sensitivity … to realize what we want to do authentically and get down to work, taking the initiative and developing our individuality, the latter characteristics of the number 1.

It is as if life is telling us “listen to yourself first and listen to the other before you get going”. Therefore, it is an action that comes from a previous connection, from knowing how to flow with the rhythms…from not getting ahead of ourselves…something that we usually have a hard time doing, since we go on autopilot.

Therefore, it is a very good day to have your moments for you, of connection, either meditating, with rituals, from your creative side…no rushing.

Another message that brings us the energy of this day is: “establish relationships, collaborations, agreements…”. See how your relationships are. Above all, the relationships of “the two”…. is a time to lay the foundations of these new connections.

It is essential our personal assessment of how we establish the agreements that allow us to develop these new paths. Our insecurities, doubts, mistrust, fears… can be revealed.

It can also be a moment where we doubt about which option to take, since we are presented with several options… your intuition has the answer…

The energy of this day happens in a context of a monthly universal energy represented by the number 8, a vibration that asks us to overcome, to take charge of our personal power, to transform ourselves, to go for our dreams, to draw a strategy and to materialize it.

And if we continue to “look up” on the energy of this day, it happens in a year of universal energy 6, vibration of love, emotions, relationships, responsibility and commitment.

Therefore, we see that although the goal is to develop this initiative, leadership, independence, development of the “I” (represented by the number 1)… life reminds us that in this path of individualization, we are not alone: That we establish agreements that satisfy both parties, that we develop patience, cooperation, listening, diplomacy, that we balance our feminine and masculine energies (represented by the number 2)…and all this will lead us to a great personal and collective (represented by the number 8) transformation (represented by the number 6).

The potential is at our disposal. The balance will tip one way or the other, depending on how we use these energies, and the result will be that these numbers will vibrate from their harmonic or disharmonic side in our lives.

Happy inspired day!

– Virginia, Numeróloga

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