The numerology of May 2022

The numerology of May 2022 is the number 2. 

The number two represents duality and cooperation. It is a mutable and adaptable number. It represents the feminine principle (yin) of receptivity that acts as a mediating agent and unites two different elements, entities, energies or concepts to achieve balance. This vibration brings out your empathic, cooperative and considerate side. 

Key words for the number 2: Cooperation, adaptability, equilibrium, motherhood, compromise, harmony.

What brings us the energy of the number 2 in May:

According toNumerology, it is a month to collect and assimilate. It will be important to work on tact, patience and our relationships with others. This is not the time to impose, but to collaborate to achieve the common good.  The number 2 brings us an energy to consolidate relationships, strengthen ties, work as a team and collaborate with the other. Support, backup and empathy are key concepts of this number. Collect and assimilate, establish balance between opposing forces. It is a number to give and receive.

At work, cooperation and teamwork will be important to achieve our goals. Gestation period: the projects will begin to take shape. This month it will not be important to be the first in everything, the key will be to be able to unite, adapt and try to find the balance between all aspects of our lives.
We should try to seek union with our colleagues and not difference or separation. If we take into account the opinion of others and collaborate together or as a group, success will be closer. It is a good time to associate or commit to a project.

numerología de mayo 2022

On an emotional level, this month brings us an energy of harmony and peace. We will feel the need to achieve inner balance. But beware of isolating ourselves too much, allowing our emotions to dominate us or losing confidence in ourselves. 


As far as love is concerned, you should try to understand the other person. Do not focus on highlighting what makes you different, but look for what unites you and give it strength. It is a good month for commitments. The details this month become important, so keep it in mind to surprise that person so important to you. 

What we will have to work on this month of May:

  • The indecision: Don’t keep putting off decisions you know you have to make. The duality of the 2 can make us doubt what we really want. Use reason to make decisions and don’t keep putting it off.
  • Submission and passivity: This number can also encourage passivity, so although it is not the time to impose our ideas, do not let anyone walk over you or allow injustices to happen.

Number 2 in the Tarot: The High Priestess

The High Priestess is the second Card of the Major Arcana of Tarot and represents the most intimate, mysterious and hidden part of the human being. This character symbolizes intuition, sensitivity, wisdom and prudence. It will be easy for you to understand and tune in to the depths of this card. This card invites you to adopt an attitude of silence and connect with your inner life during this year. It is the reflection of the feminine energy of our spirit and asks you to take care of your soul and your depths. Don’t be surprised if you have moments this year when you feel like isolating yourself and taking a few days in solitude. Listen to your intuition! If you need to, go on a retreat, go to nature or any quiet place that will help you regain your north. 

The High Priestess unveils the mystery, the hidden, and the truth in moments of peace and solitude.  Thanks to your experience and intuition you are endowed with great wisdom so make use of it.  

La Suma Sacerdotisa

This letter invites you to ask yourself and reflect on the following issues: 

  • How do you connect with your intuition?
  • What are you hiding that is in your depths?

This card is associated with Water and the Moon in a broader sense, and the key words associated with The High Priestess are:

  • Feminine energy
  • Mistery
  • Wisdom
  • Knowledge
  • Instinct

Consejo: “Better alone than in bad company”. Don’t let anyone or anything divert you from what you want. 


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