The meaning of the Number 3 according to Numerology.

The number 3 is a combination of the qualities of number 1 and 2. It represents self-expression and joy of life in all its splendor. The key words of three are creativity, communication, expansion, fun and sociability. 


3 as the Soul Number

You accomplish your tasks and projects conscientiously. You like to use your imagination and creativity to achieve good results, as long as they help those around you. You are in constant search of happiness. With 3 as your Soul number, you radiate spontaneity and are a great stimulus to all who are with you. A lover of beauty and art, you bring your joy and creativity wherever you go. You know how to make yourself loved and you always like to feel accompanied. 

The 3 as Life Lesson Number

With the number three as your Life Lesson number, you have a great talent for all things creative. You need to communicate and express what you have inside. It is a number guided by freedom, but it will be necessary to learn that without discipline and hard work nothing is achieved. Use your creativity and inspiration to achieve what you set out to do. You have great ambition, but beware of being proud. 

The 3 as External Personality Number

With three as your external personality number, you are a sociable and charming person. You like to be liked by others and you do your best to achieve this. You need to communicate and entertain constantly. Your loyalty and honesty are two qualities that are highly valued by those around you. You are not one to stay in the background, you like to be the center of attention in groups. It could be said that the three makes you a “Sun”, the center of everything and that you radiate light and life to everyone who is close to you. You spread your optimism wherever you go. You must be careful with jealousy and pride, as they can transform all that joy and positivity into exaggeration and superficiality.

The 3 as The number of the Way of Destiny

Optimism should be your personal brand with the number three as the Way of destiny. Your destiny is to be that “friend” who brightens the day and is there when you need them. Develop your self-expression and communication skills and use them to inspire others. You must be very careful about spreading yourself thin. It will be important to focus your efforts in one direction to get what you want, rather than trying to get everything.

The 3 as a personal year

During the energy of 3 we will do everything in a big way: eat, drink, live, enjoy, love… It’s all about living the day, communicating, socializing and letting our creative imagination run wild. It is a time of maximum self-expression and fun. Take advantage of this period to bring out your creative side and create.

As a temporary vibration, the 3 invites us to develop, travel and have fun. In general, it is a happy period. A period during which the difficulties perceived so far will be overcome and resolved. Luck will be on our side as long as we know how to look for the positive side of situations, and we will have to make the most of it. 

Happy, productive time of growth and expansion. The perfect time to get married, have children or get promoted at work. It is a time of freedom, so don’t let anyone or anything tie you down or clip your wings. Express yourself and communicate, always with respect and understanding.

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