The meaning of the Number 1 according to Numerology

The meaning of the number 1 is related to new beginnings, leadership, originality, potential, opportunity and independence. Energy in a natural state that is in the process of discovering its capabilities.


1 as the Soul Number

If your soul number is 1, you are a born leader, you do not like to follow others. You like to be at the top and push ideas, plans and projects. 

People with soul number one are aware of their capabilities and inner strength; they do not settle for just anything. They tend to set high goals for themselves and strive to achieve their objectives. They are efficient, productive and reliable. They tend to adapt easily to change, with freedom and independence of thought. 

1 as a Life Lesson Number

The number 1 as a lesson of Life, indicates that we must learn to be more original, creative and innovative. It is necessary to arm ourselves with courage and strength to be able to move forward and be pioneers. These people do not like to be restricted or to be told what to do. It will be important to always look to the future and not stay stuck in the past. 

The 1 as External Personality Number

With 1 as your external personality number, others perceive you as someone independent and capable of achieving everything you set your mind to; but sometimes you can be a loner or feel apart from the group. You are expected to be able to dominate any situation and adapt to the circumstances, that is why those around you often come to you when they have problems because they consider you a leader.

We must be careful not to appear overly haughty or aloof, as this pioneering, leading and dominating spirit can be somewhat aggressive towards others. 

1 as the Number of the Way of Destiny

As a Way of destiny, the number 1 speaks of the true “I” and its ability to succeed independently. People with this number use their resources for their own good and can be “selfish” at times as they tend not to pay attention to the needs of those around them. This is due to their constant search for self-realization. They are valid for command and leadership because they are not made to obey, but to lead or command. With great determination and firmness in their beliefs, they will achieve success through their own independent initiative and by demonstrating their self-confidence.

The 1 as a personal year

As a temporal number (year, month, day…) one speaks of beginnings, new starting points, innovation, originality and action. It is time to make decisions, initiate projects or carry out what is running through our mind. 

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