The Empress in the Tarot

The Empress represents development and abundance in all its splendor. It has the number 3 associated with it, which is represented by the triangle, the first geometric figure, and is therefore a symbol of creation, action, and self-expression.

La Emperatriz en el Tarot

The Empress is an expansive card, full of vitality and energy. It represents that comfortable and settled figure who knows how to enjoy the pleasures of life. The symbol of Venus is represented throughout the card, conveying sensuality, motherhood, and beauty. You can find it in the scepter in the case of the Tarot de Marseille or in her dress and throne in the case of the Rider Waite Tarot. It is that diva or feminine/yin energy that we all carry within us. She represents the most sensual and sexual part with security, confidence, and splendor.

For the Empress archetype, her creative imagination allows her to generate whatever she desires. The Empress is not lacking in resources. She is the development of the circumstances or the subject that is being asked about, the capacity to gestate, to generate and to produce.

This card invites you to enjoy life and enhance your creativity and passion.

How to work the Empress card?

The journey through the arcana of the Tarot is a journey of inner knowledge, an adventure and a path to oneself. Here are some exercises to internalize each card. It is important that you do not do them all at once. Dedicate the time you need to each arcane and do it when you feel it. Respect and follow your inner time.

  • Unleash your creativity. Dedicate space to bring out your creative side in whatever way you like to connect with yourself.
  • It’s time to get dressed up! Connect with your most sensual and presumptuous side.
  • Socialize with your environment from the abundance, pleasure and personal safety.

The Major Arcana in the Tarot

  1. The Magician: initiative, opportunities, skills, resources, creativity, communication.
  2. The High Priestess: intuition, inner life, prudence, silence, patience.
  3. The Empress: abundance, creativity, sociable, sensuality, seduction, mother.
  4. The Emperor: control, responsibility, power, organization, limits, capacity for work, boss, father.
  5. The High Priest: wisdom, advice, specialist, expert, teacher, mediator, beliefs.
  6. The Lovers: love, decisions, choices, options, beauty, harmony, commitment.
  7. The Chariot: movement, youth, action, journey, triumph, confidence and security.
  8. The Strength: strength, problems, conflicts, control of instincts, diplomacy, left hand.
  9. The Hermit: experience, will, inner knowledge, solitude, perseverance, slowness.
  10. The Wheel of Fortune: opportunities, unexpected events, evolution.
  11. The Justice: justice, adjustment, objectivity, balance, integrity, rigidity.
  12. The Hanged Man: sacrifice, surrender, another point of view, standstill, renunciation.
  13. Death: radical change, transformation, recycling, transition.
  14. Temperance: communication, harmony, adaptability, moderation, balance, tolerance.
  15. The Devil: instincts, risk, excesses, addictions, seduction, cunning, selfishness.
  16. The Tower: liberation, unforeseen events, real estate, destruction and construction.
  17. The Star: illusions, hope, faith, rebirth, purity, new opportunities.
  18. The Moon: fears, doubts, insecurities, unconscious, intuition.
  19. The Sun: success, happiness, brightness, warmth, friendship, clarity, confidence, summer.
  20. The Judgment: awareness, past situations, rethinking, inventory, cyclical situations.
  21. The World: success, self-fulfillment, achievement, foreigner.
  22. The Fool: adventures, creativity, freedom, independence, transient or temporary things.

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