The couple and falling in love from the perspective of Quantum Numerology

Valentine’s Day is approaching… and reflecting on this day, y Virginia, Numerologist of miistico, she wanted to comment on three important questions about the couple and falling in love, from the approach of the numerology cuántica:

1. First act of falling in love with yourself

The first act of falling in love is with yourself…. you see in the other an essential part of yourself. An energy that is inside of you and that you seek to materialize it outside in multiple ways, and one of them is through your partner.

You see yourself through the other… and this has quite a few implications. Let’s take an example, imagine that you see in your partner that interesting, educated, elegant, classy, conscientious person… and you love all this. Well, these characteristics are also part of you, and you may or may not develop them. The less you develop these qualities, the greater your attachment to the person who brings them to you from the outside.

Therefore, to the extent that you are aware of what gives meaning to your life, and acquire it for yourself, the less attachment you will have to your partner. At this point, I would like to remind you that desire is positive, but attachment is not, as it brings us both to lose what we long to get or keep, and to lose our identity along the way.

La pareja y el enamoramiento

2. Dare to be with the one we want to be with.

Second, we have to dare to be with the partner we desire… it seems like a no-brainer, but it doesn’t happen that often.

Your partner must have the characteristics of one of the primordial energies of your quantum sequence (numerical code that expresses the life you desire, who you are, your purpose and how to get there).

And if this does not happen, it is because we are afraid to live what we desire. As always, what we desire the most is what we fear the most… and if we fear it, it is because we are afraid of our shadow or the lack of knowledge about how to handle it.

If we do not know how to manage in those situations that scare us, what we do is that we do not enter them, we avoid them… even being what can make us happier; and there our mind can tell us a thousand excuses… “that kind of person does not exist, they are stories…” but they do exist, because otherwise, you would not be able to imagine it, it is your ego that wants you to stay in the known even if it does not fulfill you, because there you do not meet your shadow.

3. The "new energetic life"

Third, when we are in a couple, we create a “new energetic life”, with its identity, its purpose and a way to get there. That is, the couple we form has its own quantum sequence!!!!

This quantum connection is related to the Dirac Equation, a physicist who described the phenomenon of quantum entanglement, which in practice states that:

 ‘If two systems interact with each other for a certain period of time and then separate, we can describe it as two separate systems, but in some subtle way they are converted into one system. One of them continues to influence the other, despite miles of distance or light years.’.

This new energetic life shows all the potential that is at our disposal to live in the relationship, and gives you the keys to what kind of actions, experiences, places, situations…favor us as a couple…also, where our learnings are going to be: the origin and the solution of everything that happens as a couple is there, in the quantum sequence of couple.

It may be, for example, that you form a couple with a very sociable identity, outgoing, creative, with a transformative purpose, ambitious … that leads you to have a joint entrepreneurial vision. To achieve this type of life it will be important to communicate, be open to change, travel and even live outside your country… This model of life would be associated with the quantum sequence that you form as a couple.

Happy day, and may you above all fall in love with yourself.

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