The cards that you fear the most or are seen as bad in Tarot

The Death, the Tower, the Devil, the Hanged Man… are some of the cards that have a bad reputation, appear to be negative and people usually look scared when they see them. However, as we will see below, every card of the Tarottarot cards have positive and negative aspects and it is necessary to read them in the context or situation in which they are found; therefore, there are no “bad tarot cards” as such. 

What is the Tarot for?

First of all, let us understand the function or purpose of the Tarot. It is a tool that allows you to become aware of your present situation and your unconscious patterns in order to reflect on them and guide you on the best way to move forward.

It is important to emphasize that the cards indicate, but do not mark or sentence. Each one of us is the only one responsible for our actions and we are the ones who decide which direction to take. The Tarot cards show a tendency, but it is in our hands to change this tendency or not. 

Las cartas que más temes o están vistas como cartas malas del Tarot

The Major Arcana in Tarot

The Major Arcana of the Tarot are 22 cards that represent universal archetypes of human experience. In a Tarot reading they represent those things of great importance. Each one of us goes through throughout our lives and several times what each of the Major Arcana represents. We could say that they show the cyclical process of the human being in life. 

Among the Major Arcana we find the Death, the Devil, the Hanged Man and the Tower. Below, we will see the meaning of each of them and how each of these cards also has its positive and even enriching side. 

"Bad cards in Tarot":

la muerte en el tarot

The Death in el Tarot

The Death card is the one that usually generates the most impact when it appears. Contrary to what many people think, the Death card is synonymous with change or transformation. This arcane invites us to let die or put an end to those ideas, thoughts, attitudes and circumstances that are no longer part of our life. It is a card that indicates personal renewal. This change does not have to be negative since everything will depend on the surrounding cards. But it reminds us that it is always necessary to let things go so that new things can enter.  

This card represents the cycles of life, the changes and the constant transformation that is part of life. 

el diablo en el tarot

The Devil in Tarot

The Devil is usually associated with concepts such as evil and betrayal. However, in the Tarot it symbolizes our desires, instincts and temptations. It is the most earthly and human card of the Tarot, so its strong nature makes its will be imposed on all levels. It represents all the attachments and addictions in which the human being gets into. The Devil shows that we live in a world dominated by instincts that lead us to passions and temptations of all kinds. Despite the appearance of this card, it does not necessarily have a negative tendency. As we have mentioned, it is the most earthly and human card of the Tarot. It invites you to connect with your most basic instincts and reminds you that we have a body to learn. It represents everything that has you trapped, hooked, but at the same time makes you feel more alive than ever.

La Torre en el tarot

The Tower in Tarot

The Tower usually conveys a frightening image of destruction or accident.  However, it is much more than pure destruction. The Tower is that unexpected event or change of situation that bursts in and destroys your comfort zone, everything you had built and in which you feel safe. It is that revealing lightning bolt that makes you realize that everything you had established is falling down. It is a strong card, demolishing and at the same time, a card that sweeps away everything existing to make way for the new. It is evidence that no matter how much effort we put into building our own towers, everything can be dismantled at any moment.

The Tower invites you to free yourself from everything that is no longer necessary in your life or no longer has its functionality. It can also symbolize real estate. It is the “cleansing” of our self to build ourselves up again. The natural process of transformation and reconstruction that we all go through several times in life. It is a card to rebuild ourselves and re-emerge in our new version of ourselves. 

El Colgado en el tarot

The Hanged Man Tarot

The Hanged Man in Tarot brings with it a time of waiting and pause. The card speaks of those situations in which we put the good of others above our own. Those moments of dedication, sacrifice and devotion that make us feel that we are doing “the right thing” (whether we do or we don’t). This moment of pause, invites meditation, inner search, and self-knowledge. It also invites us to try to see things from another perspective because, if you turn the card, the Hanged Man becomes a person dancing. 

After all this, do not panic if you get one of these cards. Remember that their meaning is not static, it depends on the context of the spread and the question. Do not be afraid because in each one of them there is light and a message for each one of us. 

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