The 4 Queens in Tarot, which one do you relate more?

The four queens in the Tarot, which one do you identify with?

In the Tarot there is a King and Queen for each suit. All of us have the 4 kings and queens within us. Depending on the moment we are living a certain king or queen will emerge with their respective facets. Each Queen symbolizes or highlights an archetype of woman, an aspect, a personality or way of being and all of them are encompassed by the Empress card. The Queen you identify with will give you many clues about how you are showing yourself or how you are feeling at a specific time in your life.

The Queen of Cups symbolizes the sensitive, emotional woman with great intuition. She usually represents people who are very family oriented, loving, protective and long-suffering. They are also romantic, dreamy, understanding, sweet, tender and mature women. If taken to an extreme, they can become jealous, possessive and exercise emotional blackmail on those around them.

The Queen of Gold embodies a hardworking, persevering, realistic and practical woman. She is someone who takes care of her own, is generous and has a special taste for private life. She is focused on her situation, her money, her health and her experience. You have a lot of energy to maintain things and ensure material security. However, you run the risk of becoming obsessed with this security and not being able to see beyond what is in front of you.

The Queen of Swords personifies a woman with clear ideas, powerful intellect and who knows what she wants. They are usually intelligent, effective women, with leadership skills and great strategic ability. This queen may prefer solitude in many cases. She runs the risk of being carried away by the efficiency and her rationalism and to fall in the rigidity and coldness. To avoid reaching this extreme, it is good for her to connect with her emotional and sexual side and to be open to new ideas and experiences.

Finally, the Queen of Wands symbolizes an adventurous, independent, adaptable woman, someone with passion, who knows what she wants, and needs constant challenges. She is the sincere friend with common sense and good advice. She is usually noted for her energy, vitality, and adaptable and enterprising personality. She represents the satisfaction of a person who is beginning to live her creativity. In the extreme, this archetype can fall into capriciousness, obsession, frivolity and excess.

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