The 4 elements and how to enhance them

by Alejandra, Astrologer and Tarotist at miistico

We all hear the words fire, air, earth and water in our everyday language…. With this, we refer to four fundamental elements in the creation and conformation of everything there is, of everything that exists. In all worldviews, philosophies, mythologies of the world, they are spoken of as constituent parts of reality. But what exactly do they mean in astrology and how is it reflected in our personality?

Los 4 elementos y cómo potenciarlos

In astrology, the four elements refer to the vital force, to the essential energy that underlies as a motor, as a way of perceiving the world, as the “color” through which the world is perceived. Below you can find the energy of the four elements, their importance in the birth chart and how to work with them:


Fire refers to a universal radiant energy, expansive, luminous, warm… it is the energy of personal identity, expansion, and intuition. The key words of the fire element are intuition, expansion, optimism, courage, warmth and impetuosity. The astrological signs that respond to this energy are Aries, Leo and Sagittarius.


Earth refers to the material, the solid, the tangible, what can be appreciated through the senses. It is the element that connects with the world of forms. Its mind is practical, realistic and pragmatic. The key words of the earth element are persistence, realism, matter, resourcefulness, reliability and endurance. The astrological signs that respond to this energy are Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn.


The air element is clearly associated with prana as vital energy. This element is the ideas, the thought, that which is not tangible but nevertheless “there”. Air is the mind, the future, dreams that can materialize, words. The key words of the air element are detachment, objectivity, reason, mind, thought, verbal expression and sociability. The astrological signs that respond to this energy are Gemini, Libra and Aquarius.


Finally, the water element is linked to the emotional world. Water represents the realm of feelings, the power of the unconscious, the sometimes extreme sensitivity. It also represents fluidity, sudden changes, psychic perception and strong connection with others. The key words of the water element are emotion, feelings, sensitivity, changes, susceptibility, vulnerability. Astrological signs that respond to this energy are Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces.

Why the elements are important in the natal chart

The four elements are combined in the natal chart in a proportion determined by the planets in each sign. Human beings are actually a mixture of the twelve signs and the four elements to which they belong, resulting in an enormous number of “types” according to the proportions of each element.

Carl Gustav Jung, psychiatrist and psychologist of enormous renown, elaborated a psychological typology that has a strong correspondence with the four elements.
Jung spoke of people in whom Sensation predominates as a way of perceiving the world (earth element), others whose predominance is given to Thought (Air element), others who are governed by Intuition (Fire element) and finally the group governed more by Feeling (water element). This Jungian typology is not strict either, there are no Pure types, but a predominance of one or another way of perceiving and responding to the external world.

In the Natal Chart we can see the predominance of one or another element and thus know our basic typology.

Why the elements are important in the natal chart

We usually tend to unconsciously surround ourselves with people who have “what we lack,” but we can also do things that actively incorporate that element, for example:

Tips for the absence or lack of air in the natal chart:

  • Go for a walk in the fresh air! Feel the air on your face and body, observe the sky, meditate on the qualities of the air…
  • Put words to feelings, express them, write them down, name them….
  • Connecting with lightness, jokes, comedies, “light” readings…

Tips for the absence or lack of land:

  • Establish routines (grooming, meals, work times, etc…).
  • Manual activities (above all, gardening, pottery, but also embroidery, sewing, DIY…. everything related to the hands).
  • Contact with Gaia, bare feet on the ground whenever you can!
  • Take care of the moments of rest, allow yourself them!

Tips for the absence or shortage of water element:

  • Artistic disciplines such as painting, music, sculpture….
  • Frequent contact with the element and do it in a Conscious way: long baths, go as much as possible to contact the sea, rivers, lakes…
    possible to contact the sea, rivers, lakes…
  • Listening to inspiring music.
  • Holding or maintaining an embrace with loved ones or oneself, for 3 minutes…

Advice for the absence or lack of fire:

  • Physical and vigorous exercise.
  • Theater!
  • Sunbathing when you can.
  • Playful hobbies, games, of competition if possible….
  • Incorporate in the diet “hot” foods (ginger, pepper).

If we consciously work on this and other aspects of our natal mandala, we will be able to significantly improve our self-knowledge and personal development.
It is in this way that I conceive the practice of astrology as a way to improve day by day in our personal and transpersonal or spiritual development. From this place I orient my practice.

With love,

Alejandra from Miistico



I am Alejandra, Astrologer and Tarotist.

“I have been working for more than 30 years with body, psychocorporal, energetic therapies, and in recent years Tarot consultations, Astrotarot, which often become counseling processes (psychological counseling). She has given courses in Reflexology, Massage, Initiation to astrology, Stress management”.


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