What is Tarot?

The Tarot is a deck of cards of unknown origin and is the direct ancestor to our modern deck. It seems that these cards are inspired by the depth of human experience and the deepest level of the psyche. The Tarot functions as an oracle and is composed of two parts: 

  • 22 Major Arcana – represent universal archetypes of human experience. In a reading they represent things of great importance.
  • 56 Minor Arcana – are the symbol of the 4 elements (earth, fire, air and water) and each of them is represented by a suit of the deck (golds, clubs, swords and cups). They provide the reading with details and concrete information.

It works like a magnifying mirror that shows you as you are and helps you understand yourself better. It is a tool for self-knowledge that allows you to better understand your situation and guides you on the best way to move forward. 

What are the benefits of the Tarot?

It helps you become aware of your situation, current state and unconscious patterns.

It shows trends in a given situation to guide us and allow us to move forward.

A means of meditation and reflection that helps us to complement and analyze the present.

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“Naked and alone we came to the desert. We came to the unspeakable and inexplicable prison of this world. Who among us was not always a prisoner? Who among us will not always be a lonely stranger?”…quoted Tomas Wolfe at the beginning of his novel Oh, Lost. If perplexed and lost in this ordinary world you seek guidance to find your spiritual center, I can be that unknown door. Intuitive and a great communicator, you will feel at ease with me. We can use a variety of tools to find that clue you need.

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I discovered Astrology as a tool for my personal development and I love to share this knowledge. 35 years of experience.

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