A magic night...

The night of Saint John is one of the most magical and special nights of the year. As well as being the shortest night, it has a special energy. It is a night full of rituals and symbolism to attract the good and get rid of everything we no longer want in our lives.

Its origin is associated with the celebrations for the arrival of the summer solstice, on June 21st in the northern hemisphere. The main rite consists of lighting a bonfire. 

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It is a night to connect with the four elements
and for this you can find below a suggested ritual for this period of the year: :


Represents our energy and vitality. Burn in the bonfire old things and what is no longer useful to you. You can also write on a piece of paper all those negative attitudes and things that you no longer want in your life. Then burn this paper in the bonfire.


Connecting with the power of water is synonymous to connecting with your emotions and feelings. To do this, take a bath (preferably in the sea and under the moonlight). .


The element Earth represents the material and the concrete. Take time to thank mother earth for everything she provides us with.


The Air element represents the world of ideas. To connect with this element, do a meditation, connect with your desires, and visualize them.

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