Rituals have a great importance to mark the processes of change and the passage from one stage to another in our lives. It is a way to set your psyche towards a purpose and to feel the power, strength and transforming capacity of moving towards a goal or objective.

Always remember that if you believe, you create.

Love is the most powerful feeling that moves the world. Therefore, defining what you are looking for and how you want it is a reflection that should be part of our daily life.

Energetic cleansing helps to attract positivity, peace and well-being and relaxes the environment.

Change is the only constant in life and it is not always easy to face new beginnings.


eventos astrológicos

3 astrological events you cannot miss in 2023

The different stars and their movements bring us closer each year to new astral dispositions that bring with them the energetic force (and also the clues) of what the astral climate is going to be in the future. Relying on these transits and astrological events allows us to complement our mundane look in our own learning and vital path.

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ritual con pétalos de rosa

Ritual with rose petals

Rose petals are a commonly used element in mystical rituals because of their beauty and symbolism. It is said that rose petals can help attract love, beauty, harmony and prosperity…

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