Ritual with rose petals

Rose petals are a commonly used element in mystical rituals because of their beauty and symbolism. It is said that rose petals can help attract love, beauty, harmony and prosperity, among other things. Here are some rituals you can perform with rose petals:
ritual con p茅talos de rosa

Love ritual

Take a handful of rose petals and place them in a bowl. Add some rose essential oil and mix well. Light a pink candle and place it in the center of the petals. Visualize your true love and the relationship you wish to have with him/her. Feel the energy of love enveloping you and let that energy infuse the rose petals. At the end of the ritual, throw the rose petals to the wind to carry your wish to the universe.

If you have doubts about love you can also do a spread of love or mutual feelings, where through the Tarot cards we will look at the love and feelings of the other person with the help of tarot cards and my channeling to give clarity to your current situation.

Purification Ritual

Take a bath with rose petals to purify your body and mind. Place a generous amount of rose petals in the water of your bathtub and immerse yourself in it. Feel the purifying energy of the rose petals and visualize all the negative energies and toxins being washed out of your body. When you get out of the bath, you can throw the rose petals into the running water so that it carries all the negative energies with it. You can also perform an energetic cleansing ritual.

Prosperity Ritual

Take a money bill and place a handful of rose petals on top. Roll up the bill and tie a gold ribbon around it. Visualize how the energy of the rose petals attracts prosperity and abundance into your life. Keep the bill in a safe place in your home or in your wallet. For prosperity it is also recommended to use rosemary and pyrite incense to attract abundance.

Protection Ritual

Take a handful of rose petals and place them in a cloth bag. Add some protective herbs such as rosemary and sage. Carry the sachet with you at all times to protect yourself from negative energies. For protection we also recommend to carry with you Black Tourmaline or in pendant or stone.

The symbolism of the Rose

The rose is a flower with a rich symbolism in different cultures and traditions. In witchcraft and magic, the rose is said to symbolize love, passion, beauty, spirituality, wisdom, mystery and purification.

Here are some of the most common symbolisms of the rose:

  • Love and Passion: The rose is a flower that is commonly associated with love and passion. Rose petals are said to be able to attract and maintain true love and passion in a relationship.
  • Beauty and sensuality: The rose is a flower of great beauty, and its fragrance is known to be sensual and romantic. It is said that rose petals can be used in rituals and spells to enhance a person’s beauty and sensuality.
  • Spirituality and wisdom: In some spiritual traditions, the rose is seen as a symbol of connection to the divine and spiritual wisdom. It is said that rose petals can help open the heart and mind to spiritual connection.
  • Mystery and secrecy: The rose can also be seen as a symbol of mystery and secrecy. It is said that the rose can help reveal hidden secrets and mysteries, and unveil the truth behind appearances.
  • Purification and cleansing: The rose is also associated with purification and cleansing. It is said that rose petals can be used in rituals and spells to purify and cleanse the body and spirit, and to ward off negative energies.

In conclusion, the rose is a flower with a very rich and diverse symbolism in the mystical world and in magic. Its beauty and positive energy make it a powerful element in the practice of rituals.


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