Ritual to let go (or close cycles) in 7 simple steps

This ritual to let go is for you if you are still attached to people or situations from the past and this prevents you from living your present in fullness and harmony. 

How much it costs us to close, let go… It seems that the ends are difficult to accept when in reality they are always a new beginning. As the saying goes (and it couldn’t be more true), “when a door closes a window opens”.

When you are tied to a person or situation in reality, you do not miss that in particular but your “I” at that moment. You miss that part of you to which you associate certain feelings and emotions.

The closing of cycles is essential to achieve harmony and inner peace. Giving the appropriate closure to the different stages of our life is essential to heal what is necessary and renew the energy.

Rituals are a tangible and conscious tool to externalize personal emotions and experiences. Closing cycles with awareness helps us put an end to a stage and frees us. In the same way, through the closing rituals, we give meaning to what has been lived and connect with the learning from past experiences.

What do you need?

A sheet of paper to write down everything you want to leave behind.. 

Two candles, one white and one purple. The white candle purifies and the purple one transforms. 

A thread to join both candles. 

White Sage bundle to purify, protect and attract positive energies with a pleasant and intense aroma. 

Steps to follow:

First of all, it is important to note that you should perform this ritual when you are convinced that you want to let go of that person or situation. Your whole being, your conscious and unconscious part, must be involved in these actions. Also, it is important to accompany this ritual of actions and daily effort and will. If you’re ready, let’s go for it!


Choose a quiet time and place where you can dedicate time to yourself. If you wish, you can set the scene with music that makes you connect with yourself.


Tie the two candles with the help of the thread, when both are together, light them with a match and let them burn out. VERY IMPORTANT, the candle must be on a metal container, otherwise it can be dangerous. Also, let it be consumed in a place where you can control it to avoid scares.


While they are burning, take the piece of paper write a letter on it to the person or situation you want to say goodbye to close the cycle. Write down what you leave behind and is no longer part of you, the lessons learned and give thanks for it.


Once written, burn the paper with the flame of the candles in a safe place to avoid starting a fire. While it burns, cut the thread that joins both candles as a symbol of the end of your bond with the person or situation that you are closing and say the following prayer: “I (repeat your name) I free myself from the chains of the past, I let go of everything that hurts me or no longer contributes to me; I forgive everything that has hurt me and I forgive myself for having allowed it. I leave behind any feeling of guilt, anger, fear or sadness, and prepare to move forward on the path of my life. Thank you for being part of my life. So be it”.


Return the ashes to nature.


Purify your space with the bundle of White Sage. Start at the door of your house and do each corner following the direction of clockwise. As you do, visualize how you are cleaning the energies of your home for this new cycle. You can also pass it on yourself to cleanse your energies. Once done, open the windows of your house so that all negative energy goes away. You can use it whole or turn it off for multiple uses, letting it “suffocate” by burying it in sand or carefully placing it under the tap (just the tip) and letting it dry. 


Give thanks to the Universe (or whoever you want) by joining both hands. The right represents your conscious part and the left represents your unconscious part. By putting them together, you are thanking the Universe (or whoever you want) with all your being.

The time has come to live your present and leave behind everything that has made you learn but is no longer part of you. A new beginning arrives, so enter it with all your being, your will and your enthusiasm

We wish you all the best in this new stage!

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