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What is numerology?

It is a practice that establishes a relationship between numbers, human beings and physical or spiritual forces. As stated by Pitágoras, numerology is based on the belief that numbers have a numerical sound or vibration that makes the Universe and all entities be connected and in harmony. Each number from 1 to 9 has a meaning and certain characteristics associated with it. This numbers together encompass the whole experience of life. They symbolize the stages through which an idea has to go through before becoming a reality. 

Numerology can be applied to each person and helps us to know the temperament, character, or essence of people. We are all born on a certain day, hour and minute within the energy field. The conditions and vibrations of that energy field mark the trend of the actions and reactions that characterize our entire life. We are conditioned by series of vibrations that are active when we take our first breath. 

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What are the benefits of Numerology?

It allows you to know the character and essence of each person.

It helps you understand what your energy is and what you can do with it to move forward in a positive and constructive way.

It introduces you the lessons you have to learn during your life.

Topics to consult

What is my essence and character?

What is the best way to move on for me, taking into account my nature?

What is the energy of my year?

Do I have hidden talents or unconscious behavior?

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