Numerology of April 2022

According to the Numerology of April 2022 has, this month has associated with it the number 1. The key words of the number one are the originality, independence, leadership, creativity, movement, and beginnings.The number 1 represents the “I AM” of humanity.

Over the next few weeks we must learn to be original, creative and innovative. We need to take courage and strive to move forward. Always walk forward, never backward. For this it will be important to be aware of our inner strength. When things get complicated, your inner strength will be the key to move forward and not stagnate.

With this numerology of April 2022 will be important be aware of our inner strength and seek out those experiences that shape our identity. It is a good time to initiate a process of self-awareness to discover our own capabilities and be able to move forward. It is also a good month to make decisions and undertake projects and activities taking the initiative.

The number 1 in Astrology

The zodiac sign associated with the number 1 is Aries, sign with which the new astrological year begins. In analogy with this yearly rebirth of the Sun, Aries symbolizes a new beginning, the birth of a being and of new and fiery energy that affirms its presence in this world. Aries differs from the other signs by its impetus, by its impulse to go, more and more, forward, by its vehement activity.

A moment of renewal, a new opportunity to start over. The Warrior Aries will give us this month 1 that strength and lucidity we need to see the way. It will help us to be aware of what we do and do not want in our lives, with a broad perspective of our existential process. In addition, the archetype of the beginning in the Natal Chart is represented by the 1st House. The 1st House corresponds to the “I”, to the house of the personality and is where our ASCENDANT is located. So we should pay attention this month to the energies of our ASC.

The 1 in the Tarot: The Magician

The Tarot Arcanum associated with the number 1 is The Magician. The Magician invites us to take advantage of your skills and resources to achieve our objectives.. The Magician is the number I and thus indicates new beginnings. It is time to take the initiative and get down to work. Put aside the past, be grateful for all the experiences and skills it has given you and get down to work to live your present and take your next step. Whatever action or idea you wish to undertake, the time has come to start it. You have in you all the necessary elements and talent that you can use at will. It is your moment to trust in yourself and bring out your communication skills and convincing capacity. 

El Mago en el tarot

To internalize the energy of The Magician we recommend the following exercises: 

  1. Write down on a piece of paper your top five skills and strengths. Believe it because you are worth it! Keep this paper for the whole year. Do a monthly review of these strengths and skills. 
  2. Put The Magician card or an image of it in a place where you can see it every day. For example, as a screensaver on your cell phone, wallpaper on your computer, in your room… Wherever suits you best! Every time you see it, repeat these five strengths that you have written. This way you will connect with them and internalize them. 

This card invites you to ask yourself and reflect on the following aspects: What are your potentials? In what aspect of your life do you need to take the initiative?

This card is associated with Air and the planet Mercury in a broader sense, and the key words that are associated with The Magician are:

  • Iniciative
  • Comprehension
  • Opportunities
  • Flexibility
  • The Middle
Numerología de Abril 2022

Advice: Don’t waste your time uselessly and follow your impulses. The opportunities are there and it is time to use them.

New Beginnings Ritual to harness the energy of the number 1

Change is the only constant in life and it is not always easy to face new beginnings. From miistico we propose the following ritual to enter your new stage with energy and vitality taking advantage of the energy of restarts of number 1.

Do you need a little push to start a new stage in your life? Discover our ritual for new beginnings!


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