Numerology of 2022

Numerology of 2022 = Number 6

According to Numerology, the year 2022, has the vibration of the number 6 because it is the result of adding all its figures (2 + 0 + 2 + 2 = 6). In Numerology numerología, each year has a number that characterizes it and this has an influence on people and the environment. 

The Keywords according to the numerology of 2022 are harmony, balance and community. The 6 is a vibration of home and family life. It brings well-being, kindness, generosity and comfort and feelings of love and compassion.  Social life will have a very important component during this 2022. The centerpiece of this coming year will be relationships and their importance. Personal, loving and family relationships will be the driving force and inspiration of our life, so it will be important to work on our relationships with others. 

It is important to note that this 6 will be the general vibration of the year. However, each person will have his or her personal annual vibration that will give us clues on how our personal energy will be like for 2022 according to the Numerology

To find out which is our number of the year, and what energy 2022 will bring us we recommend doing a session of Numerología with some professionals of trust and quality. In addition, the turn of the year is the perfect time to make this type of sessions and welcome the new year with the best disposition. If we know the energy that will surround us next year, it will be easier for us to evolve, overcome obstacles and become our best version.

numerología 2022

The Lovers

The number 6 also teaches us to evolve in harmony, to offer love in a selfless way and to appreciate beauty. In the Tarot the 6 is represented by the arcane of The Lovers, the first card in which we come into contact with the other.

This year, above all, love will be very present. It is a year to fall in love with yourself, to want to do things well and to transmit love to your environment. 

The Lovers card also brings with it different options and decisions that you will have to make in order to move forward and commit to them. You may be presented with more than one option, whether in terms of work, love or any other subject, so you will have to decide and be consistent with it. This year you will feel more romantic, affectionate and detailed. Involve yourself in everything you do, awaken your empathy and understanding towards the interests of others and put heart in everything you do.

To work on this letter we propose the following personal exercises during this year: 

  • Do artistic activities that you enjoy and allow you to connect with art, beauty and harmony. It can be anything that awakens your creative side.
  • During the first month, write down 10 reasons why you love yourself every day in a notebook. At the beginning you may change it depending on the day, but you will see that at the end of the month you will end up in love with yourself. It will be important that you combine reasons of all kinds: physical, emotional… Once done, set one day a month throughout the year to repeat this routine and connect with yourself. 

This letter invites you to ask yourself and reflect on the following aspects during this year: 

  • How do you understand the different types of relationships?
  • What choices should you make this year?
  • How do you usually act and feel in moments of decision?

How do I get my personal annual vibration?

It’s very simple. Just add up the numbers of your last birthday and reduce them to a single number. This energy will be present from your last birthday until your next birthday. For example: 

Date of last birthday = 19/04/2021 = 19 = 1

This energy will be present until 04/19/2022 which will be when this person’s year 2 begins.

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