New Year’s Eve Ritual

Every year we live is a cycle that begins and ends. The end of the year rituals helps us let go of what no longer serves us in our lives and helps us welcome everything new. They help us clean the new year of the negative influences that we could carry from the previous year. Therefore, from miistico we want to accompany you on this special night with the following ritual.

Ingredients for the New Year's Eve Ritual

  • Paper sheet made with flower seeds to write your new year wishes. – This special leaf is handmade from recycled cotton and a mix of wildflower seeds. 
  • Bundle of White Sageto purify, protect and attract positive energies with a pleasant and intense aroma. 
  • One of the following crystals:
    • Citrine to attract happiness, vitality, prosperity and joy. 
    • Rose Quartz Brazilian polishing to attract love, self-esteem and harmony.
    • Amethyst to attract positive energy, balance and harmony. 
    • O other gems with special properties from Mukhas.
  • Palo santo to purify the energy of your home. 
  • Golden candle to illuminate your future and fill it with light and success. The candles are considered path-openers. Golden candles help to open and expand your energy to achieve your accomplishments. 
  • Lavender essential oil to relax and connect with your purpose.

  • Copal incense
    as a cleaning agent to enhance the harmony of your home.

Steps to follow for the ritual

Prior to December 31st:

  1. The day before, light up 1 the copal incense and pass it around your house. Start at the door of your house and do each corner in a clockwise direction. As you do this, visualize how you are cleansing the energies of your home and preparing it to receive this new cycle. You can also pass it over yourself to cleanse your energies. Once done, open the windows of your home so that all negative energy leaves. 

The 31st of December:

  1. On December 31st, write on a piece of paper what you have learned during this year and what you want to leave behind. Burn this paper where you wrote what you want to leave behind and return the ashes to nature. This sheet of paper is not included in the kit. 
  2. Burn the bundle of White Sagearound your home or space to purify, protect and attract positive energies and leave the old behind.
  3. Write down in the paper sheet made of flower seeds what you want to achieve in yourself next year. You can either keep this leaf until next December 31 in a place near you in your daily life (for example, in your room) or plant it and enjoy the spectacle of the new growth.

  4. Once done, summarize your wishes for the year in one word and write it on the
    golden candle to illuminate your desires. For example, abundance, love, peace, illusion, dreams… Light the candle and let it burn out. VERY IMPORTANT, the candle must be on a metal container otherwise it can be dangerous. Also, let it burn in a place where you can control it to avoid scares.
  5. Grab the lavender essential oil and put a couple of drops on your wrists or neck and take the chosen stone in your hands.  and put a couple of drops on your wrists or neck and take the chosen stone in your hands.
    With it in both hands and the scent of lavender, take a deep breath, connect with your purpose and give thanks to the universe (or whomever you want!).

After the 31st and during the year:

    • Every time you need to connect with your purpose (either because you are down or because you need motivation), put on the drops of lavender essenceand thechosen stone in your hands. Take three deep breaths and connect with the ritual you did on December 31st. Once you finish, give thanks. 
  • Perform periodic cleanings of your home with the other stick of copal incense or with the palo santo. 

We hope you enjoy it and wish you all the best in this new beginning!

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