New Moon in Aries 2022

On April 1st we will have the New Moon inAries. The influence of the Moon in our daily life is more than evident since ancient times. This star evidences the eternal change intrinsic in the Universe and, therefore, in our nature. Every 28 days it initiates a new cycle. Each new phase the Moon invites you to embrace new energies and opportunities. Learning to connect with the Moon allows you to connect with the deepest, most intuitive, sensitive and hidden part of yourself.

The time of the month when the New Moon occurs is called “day 0”. This type of moon represents the beginning of a new stage, it is the moment to plant the seeds of new habits and intentions.. The Moon is reborn and favors the desire to start new things. 

Specifically, this moon is the first new moon of the astrological year that began with the entrance of the Sun in Aries (March 21, 2022), so we could say that it is “the beginning of the beginnings”. 

Effects of the New Moon in Aries

This New Moon in Aries brings us above all a burst of energy, vitality, and enthusiasm to start new projects.
The energy of Aries as the first sign of the zodiac together with the New Moon invites us to take the lead and act. It’s time to renew our energies!

Leadership and courage will be favored around these dates, so it is time to dream big and start putting it into action. It is the time to connect with the inner fire that we all carry inside and channel it towards your goals. 

Luna Nueva en Aries

How do I know in which area the New Moon in Aries affects me?

This New Moon in Aries brings with it a new beginning in a field or area of your life that will culminate with la the upcoming Full Moon in Aries on October 9, 2022

Para identificar en qué ámbito te afecta es muy sencillo:

  1. Ve al mapa de tu carta natal. Si no te la has hecho nunca, escríbenos a miistico con tu fecha y hora de nacimiento y te enviaremos el mapa de tu carta.
  2. Localiza el signo de Aries en tu carta natal.
  3. Mira en qué casa cae ese signo. La casa o casas en que se encuentre el signo de Aries será el ámbito en el que esta luna nueva te traiga nuevos inicios.
  4. Te dejamos a continuación un resumen de cada casa Astrológica: 
  • House 1 – Personality, the inner self.
  • House 2 – Resources. Material assets, intellectual assets or talents. 
  • House 3 – Communication with the environment. 
  • House 4 – Roots. It is the house of home and family. 
  • House 5 – Creativity, self-expression and children
  • House 6 – Work, daily routines and health. 
  • House 7 – Relationships. Marriage, agreements and contracts, and partners. 
  • House 8 – Shared resources, the occult, transformation and sexuality. 
  • House 9 – Travel, study and spirituality. The external and the distant. 
  • House 10 – Work, vocation and personal fulfillment. 
  • House 11– Social environment, friendships and groups. 
  • House 12 – The unconscious, the occult and the beyond. 

Ritual for the New Moon in Aries

For this vital and energetic New Moon we propose the following ritual. 

  1. Choose a quiet time when you can devote time to yourself. 
  2. Prepare the environment with elements that enhance action and abundance. It can be with music that invites you to awaken your vitality, using scents of orange, patchouli or cinnamon in incense, candle, or as an essential oil in a diffuser. 
    1. The scent of orange brings joy, enthusiasm and strength. 
    2. Patchouli to attract abundance and prosperity. 
    3. Cinnamon serves as a stimulant to attract abundance, vitality and motivation. 
  3. Take a pen and paper and write a list of 12 wishes or resolutions that you want to carry out in the coming months. Remember that you must always write them in a positive way, specifying them as much as possible and they must be “realistic”. 
  4. Once you are done, keep the paper in your room or in your wallet until the Full Moon in Aries on October 9. 
  5. Give thanks by joining both hands to the Universe, to yourself or to whomever you wish. 

Un Ritual for new beginnings may also be suitable for this new moon.

Happy New Moon in Aries!


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