Most common Tarot spreads

There are countless Tarot spreads. There is no single right way to do it or a clear methodology to follow. Each person can use his or her own techniques and find or develop the Tarot spreads that work best for him or her. 

Although there are as many types of spreads as there are Tarot professionals, there are certain Tarot spreads that are the most known or used in the industry. Below we will see the most common Tarot spreads, but first, let’s understand what Tarot is. 

What is tarot?

The Tarot is an oracle that shows the current situation and future trends. It works like a magnifying mirror that shows you as you are and helps you understand yourself better. It is a tool of self-knowledge that allows you to better understand your situation and guides you on the best way to move forward. 

It is important to emphasize that the cards indicate, but do not mark or sentence. Each one of us is the only one responsible for our actions and we are the ones who decide which direction to take. The Tarot cards can serve as a tool for guidance and reflection. They show a tendency, but it is in our hands to change or not this tendency.

Here are the best known or most commonly used Tarot spreads:


The Celtic Cross Spreadis one of the oldest Tarot spreads. You can find different variants of it depending on the source you consult. From miistico we propose the following variant:

  1. Present on the subject being questioned or consulted.
  2. Against the situation or issue being asked about.
  3. Distant past
  4. Recent past
  5. Upcoming future
  6. Distant future
  7. Interior
  8. Environment
  9. Advise
  10. Distant future
Tirada de la Cruz Celta


The Astrological Spread s a general spread that follows the idea of the astrological chart with the 12 astrological houses. This Tarot spread shows how the person is and his or her tendency in each of the aspects represented by each house. It is a long spread, but it gives an initial and broad idea about the querent and the moment in which he/she finds him/herself. It can be done with only the Major Arcana or with all the cards. 

La tirada Astrológica
  • HOUSE I: the personality of the querent and the type of experiences that form him/her.
  • HOUSE II: the resources, future earnings or assets of the querent. 
  • HOUSE III: the relations of the consulter with the environment and short trips.
  • HOUSE IV: the consulter’s family. 
  • HOUSE V: creativity, self-expression and children of the querent. 
  • HOUSE VI: health. 
  • HOUSE VII: the consultant’s partner and associates. 
  • HOUSE VIII: sexuality, inheritances, great changes. 
  • HOUSE IX: long trips and higher studies. Its relationship with spirituality.
  • HOUSE X: profession, work of the querent, his vocation. 
  • HOUSE XI: friends and social relations.
  • HOUSE XII: the unconscious, hidden fears, insecurities. 


This type of spread is usually used before moments of doubt or decision. between two options or situations. The central card represents the issue in question, the decision to be made or the energies of the querent before the decision. The upper line reflects the tendency of the situation/option 1 you have in mind and the lower line represents the tendency of the situation/option 2.

The intention of this spread is not to tell you which option you should take, but to invite you to reflect and see the implications of each of the options or situations that arise. 

Tirada de las decisiones

Card 1 – Energy of the consultant before the decision, initial situation. 

Cards 2/3/4 – Development trend of option 1

Cards 5/6/7 – Development trend of option 2

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