Mercury in a retrograde

MERCURY will be on the move RETROGRADE by the domains of LIBRA from September 27 to October 18, 2021. Therefore, metaphorically, for those of us who live on Earth, we will be experiencing the sensation that Mercury is moving backwards.

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In practice, this aspect invites us not to be in a hurry for anything, to do one thing at a time and to focus with lucid attention on these aspects of the essence of Libra in our existence:

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Communication Listen, listen and listen … Listen and observe what the other person says from curiosity so you can keep an open and receptive mind to share the perspective of others , empathically. Speak slowly, to allow what you feel to integrate into the message you want to express. Use deep breathing as a resource to offer your mind the time to perceive the whispers of your Soul and the words of your Spirit, so you can speak from your heart …

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Relationships Start by paying more attention to the relationship that you structure with yourself, spy on your own conversations and adjust the texture, the tone of voice that you offer yourself and what words you choose to say things to yourself …

This practice stimulates the self-love and expands the ability to connect with the present, with others and with life itself. In your relationships with other people, dare to let go of your expectations and embrace the experience with each one, in every moment and circumstance, as is.

You may, at first, experience some resistance when doing it but immediately you will feel the intensity of sensations, feelings and emotions that flow freely between you, the other and what you share …

It is a simple gesture that will take your relationships and personal experiences to the sublime infinity …

Harmony This is a great time to find the middle ground in everything and between everyone. For this reason it is strategically interesting that you allow yourself to honestly identify what you want, feel or wish to express, propose, agree and manifest so that you can offer clear parameters in all your negotiations.

In short, Mercurio It is very fast and agile, in addition, it is the closest planet to the Sun , so, think that we will be exposed to a moment in which, our sensations and instincts will be telling us something like …

… without haste … let go of everything you think you know, hope or fear … everything is in harmonic motion … life is alive … everything is possible…


Gratitude and love



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