March 2022 Numerology

Each month of each year has its own vibration and energy that characterizes it according to numerology. The Numerology for March 2022 is the number 9 (03/2022 = 3+2+2+2=9). The number 9 is an energy of closing the cycle to enter into a new stage.

The Numerology of March 2022 is the number 9

Just before the beginning of a new astrological year, with the entry of the Sun into Aries, there could not be a numerological energy that fits better at this time. Idealism, wisdom and willpower have a great strength in this vibration. Vibration 9 symbolizes the inner light, the sense of the universal and the vital force. It is a vibration under which many of the goals are achieved and dreams can be seen to be fulfilled. Patience and tolerance will be key during this month of closure. 

During this month of March it will be very important to make an inventory or balance of what you have experienced so far in the last 12 months. It is the time to be aware of what you have learned and let go of what no longer adds value to your life or does not make you grow. The number 9 carries the energy of transformation, the old is discarded and prepares to receive again the energy of a month 1 which will happen in April 2022. 

Numerología de marzo 2022

Also, during this month you may meet people with whom you have something pending or relive situations in which you still have to heal emotions and feelings. Pay attention to what life brings you during this month and try to squeeze the most out of what you learn to enter totally clean in este the astrological new year and the month of energy 1 that we will experience in April. 

In the Tarot the number 9 is represented by the card The Hermit. This card along with the vibration of the number 9 is a symbol of experience, knowledge and inner life. This card also expresses detachment from all frivolities in order to find your own path.

9 activities to work the month of March according to its numerological energy:

1. Find space for yourself

Take time to be with yourself to think and reflect on the experiences of the past few months. Meditation can be your great ally. And if you are not a quiet person, you can always do sports or any activity that allows you to come back to yourself. 

2. Write down on a piece of paper your 9 learnings from the last 12 months.

It is about making a list of those things that you have learned and have incorporated into your person through the experiences you have lived.  It is the moment to be aware of all that you have acquired in order to let it go and move on to a new stage. 

3. Tidy up your space and get rid of everything that is no longer useful.

Acts, however small they may be, help to internalize ideas and bring them into contact with our psyche. The simple fact of cleaning, tidying up your space and throwing away everything you no longer use allows your mind to relate this month as a time of closure. and preparation for something new. 

4. Perform an energetic cleansing ritual

The energetic cleanings help you to attract positivism, peace and well-being and relax the environment. We propose a ritual that you can do every time you feel blocked or feel the atmosphere charged.

5. Connect with the energy of Tiger Eye crystal.

The Tiger Eye stone helps to ward off negative energies and attract positive ones. This stone gives you the courage, bravery and personal confidence needed to face situations of closure and give you energy for new beginnings. Tiger’s eye helps to increase self-confidence, eliminates fear. It is the perfect stone to foster concentration, creativity and inspiration. In addition, this stone allows you to discard those thoughts that are not useful and it is ideal to take hold of that liberating feeling.

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6. Tarot reading to identify what needs to be healed.

You can do aTarot reading session to identify those areas or aspects of your life that need to be healed. The Tarot can help you identify them and work on them. A reading ofTarotallows you to connect with the present moment and identify those aspects of yourself that are most important to work on. 

7. Nine affirmations for this new cycle

Choose a notebook that you like and connect with. In it, write down your new version of you for this new cycle. Put on paper those 9 things you want to achieve or attitudes you would like to adopt. It is important that you write them as positive affirmations and in the present tense, as if they are already happening so that your mind incorporates them. For example, “I am healthy in mind, body and soul”. 

8. Celebrate this cycle!

It is important to celebrate the things we achieve, applaud ourselves and recognize our merits, no matter how small they may be. Therefore, celebrate yourself at the end of this cycle. Celebrate what you have experienced these months and all that it has given you. Do at least one activity that makes you enjoy and with which you feel that you celebrate yourself. It can be anything from having a glass of your favorite wine, to enjoying a good meal, buying a treat or taking a relaxing bath. Choose the way you like it best and celebrate it!

9. Be grateful for the experiences you have had

Dedicate a moment this month to give thanks for what you have experienced during this cycle and welcome the new. You can give thanks to the Universe, to yourself, or to whomever you wish! When you give thanks, we advise you to do it with both hands together. The right hand represents our conscious mind and the left hand represents our unconscious. In this way you will be thanking with your whole being.


Finally, in addition to knowing the vibrational energy of the environment, you can know your personal numerological vibration for this month. 

How do you calculate your monthly vibration according to numerology? It’s easy. 

You must add the numbers of your day of birth to the month and year we are in. For example, if you were born on the 19th, you must add the 19th to the numerology of the month of March and keep adding the numbers until you reduce them to one (this is known as the theosophical reduction).  1+9+0+3+2+0+2+2+ = 19 = 10 = 1. 

Happy March!

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