Love Ritual

Love is the most powerful feeling that moves the world. Therefore, defining what you are looking for and how you want it is a reflection that should be part of our daily life. We propose the following ritual to connect the harmony of the encounter with the loved one or with self-love.

Ingredients for the Love Ritual

Sheet of paper with flower seeds

This very special leaf is handmade from recycled cotton and wildflower seed mix.

Pink Candle

 The white candle purifies and the purple one transforms.

White sage and palo santo bundles

To purify, protect and attract positive energies with a pleasant and intense aroma.

One of the following stones:

Rose quartz to attract love, self-esteem and harmony. Unakite associated with the heart chakra for its green and pink color. This stone favors vision and transformation. Unakite is ideal for you if you want to clear blockages from the past and enhance your personal growth.. Pink Jasper is your stone to harmonize the heart. Jasper is the “great nurturer” that brings empathy, tenderness, peace and love. 

Bag of dried flowers and salts

To come into harmony with your loving purpose.

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Steps to follow in the Ritual

  •  Choose a quiet time and place where you can devote time to yourself. Turn on the pink candle to connect with your emotions and feelings. If you feel like it, you can play music in the background.
  • Once you have everything ready, take the paper with flower seeds and spend some time writing on it. your intentions, desires, and everything you want to attract in the field of love. It is important that you write it in an affirmative way and as concrete as possible. Remember to write everything with conscience and giving it the importance it deserves:
    •       What do I want or what am I looking for in love?
    •       What the person I love is like. What this person brings to me and what I bring to him/her.
  • Purify your space with the bundle of Salvia Blanca and palo santo. With it you purify, protect and attract positive energies to your home. Walk around the house with it drawing spirals in the air. You can use it whole or put it out to have several uses, letting it “suffocate” by burying it in sand or putting it carefully under the tap (only the tip) and let it dry. 
  • Take the sachet of dried flowers put some of your perfume in it. Keep the bag in your clothes or somewhere you turn to every day and allow yourself to enter into the harmony of the intentions you have written down.
  • When you have finished this moment for yourself, let the candle burn out and give thanks by joining both hands. The right hand represents your conscious part and the left hand your unconscious part. By joining them together, you are thanking the Universe (or whomever you wish) with your whole being. VERY IMPORTANT, the candle must be on a metal container otherwise it can be dangerous. Also, let it burn in a place where you can control it to avoid scares. 

Energetic cleansing helps to attract positivity, peace and well-being and relaxes the environment.

Change is the only constant in life and it is not always easy to face new beginnings.

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