Jupiter and Neptune Conjunction in Pisces

On April 12th we will have a conjunction Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces. Although Jupiter and Neptune form a conjunction every 13 years, these two planets have not coincided in the sign of Pisces since 1856. 

Why is this conjunction between Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces so special?

In Astrology, it is considered that when a planet is in its zodiac sign, it expresses its energy harmoniously. Both Jupiter and Neptune are the ruling planets of Pisces. Therefore, this conjunction will bring us an expansive wave of beautiful feelings, spirituality, artistic expansion and connection with oneself. It will be an energetic portal that symbolizes the closing of a period and the beginning of a new one. 

How does the conjunction Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces affect us?

The conjunction Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces will be activated on April 12th. However, we will feel the energy of this conjunction since March. 

Jupiter is the largest planet of the solar system and therefore in astrology is synonymous with expansion. In turn, this great planet is the one that attracts asteroids and comets from space, preventing them from ending up on Earth. For this reason it is also known as the great “protector or benefactor”. Jupiter represents protection, blessed situations and things going well. It is a planet that speaks of success, care and support. The house in which you have Jupiter in your natal chart will speak of the area where you can expand and are somewhat “protected”. That area where there will be abundance, success and optimism. 

On the other hand, Neptune is the God of the sea and the sailors.. It is a planet that represents the end of limits, the flowing and letting oneself be carried away by situations. It is also a sensitive and receptive planet, of art and inspiration, closely linked to dreams and fantasies. It deals with the subconscious and the collective soul. It is mystical and romantic. Neptune is the dose of optimism in your life. 

The meeting of Jupiter and Neptune is the dose of goodness, optimism and hope so necessary in these times. It will help us to assimilate more easily and wisely what we have learned in recent years. This conjunction reminds us of the importance of dreaming and looking for ways to realize our dreams. Creativity and spirituality will occupy an important place in our lives, so let’s take advantage of it! The time has come to transcend the tensions experienced in recent years with a look of love and illusion. 

This union of Jupiter and Neptune occurs in Pisces, the sign of domicile of both planets. It’s time to flow, heal and let ourselves be carried by the magic of life. It brings with it dissolving boundaries, inspiring dreams and goodness so anything is possible!

Conjunción Júpiter y Neptuno en Piscis

Ritual for the conjunction of Jupiter and Neptune

In this ritual we are going to dream! And let’s dream of expansion and limitlessness to honor both planets. This ritual can be performed on or around April 12. Remember that the intention you put into the ritual is more important than the date itself. 

What do you need for the ritual?

  • A sheet of paper and something to write on. 
  • Golden candle to illuminate your future and fill it with light and success. Candles are considered to open pathways. Golden candles help to open and expand your energy to achieve your accomplishments (very much in line with Jupiter’s expansive energy). 
  • Anything that helps you to set the mood of your space (music, incense…).

Steps to follow for the ritual:

Choose a quiet moment and prepare the space. You can put incense, lively and inspiring music (nothing that transmits nostalgia, conformism or sadness, but the opposite).

Light the golden candle being aware that you are lighting and illuminating your dreams and creativity.

Take the paper and pen or pencil. It’s time to give free rein to your fantasies, imagination, creativity and hope. Write down all the dreams, projects or illusions that come to your mind. No filter! Let the expansive energy of Jupiter, the flow of Neptune and the love and affection of Pisces guide your mind. If you prefer, instead of writing you can paint or express yourself in whatever way you connect with yourself and your dreams. The important thing is to let out that part of you that has been off for the last few years and reconnect with faith and hope in the future. You can write as many wishes as you want!

Once you have it, hang the sheet somewhere where you can see it every day so that your psyche connects with that positivity and good vibes.

When you finish, thank the Universe or whomever you wish by joining both hands. The right hand represents your conscious and the left hand your unconscious. Join hands to give thanks with your whole being. 

Let the candle burn out. VERY IMPORTANT, the candle must be on a metal container otherwise it can be dangerous. Also, let it burn in a place where you can control it to avoid scares. 

Happy conjunction of Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces! 
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