January Transits

Alice Blue , Astrologer and Tarot reader at miistico, gives us a description of the main transits of January so that we can harness all your energy. The year 2022 will be interesting on an astrological level for several reasons. The two most relevant are the entry of Jupiter into Pisces on December 28, 2021 and the change of the nodes of karma, on December 30, 2021, which will be on the axis.
GéminisAcuario a Tauro Escorpio during the next 18 months.

In addition, the first new moon on January 2, opens a very important 6-month cycle, along with several astrological aspects of the month of January that will totally change the available energy .

January Lunation

We have begun to glimpse the energy of endings, during the period of eclipses that happened around the new moon in Sagitario December 4th. With the next new moon in Capricorn on the 2th of January, the cycle we are closing is already beginning.

Since December 26th, when the last quarter began, many things began to disappear from our lives . The last fortnight of the year has been key to separating the wheat from the chaff, and getting a glimpse of our new priorities. Due to the extra strong energy of eclipses, not all changes have been easy and we have had some surprises due to the influence of Uranus.

On January 2, right at the turn of the year, the new moon in Capricorn will give us a dose of reality. Capricornian energy will make it very feasible to discover things that were hidden and are difficult to see. Uncomfortable but necessary conversations, as well as sacrifices will be put on the table, as a preamble to get what we want and need.

With Venus retrograde in Capricorn until March, it is very likely that our desires and intentions will go through a hard filter and that we will have to work things out. This is not a bad thing, but it makes everything focus on quality and durability and not speed.

Jupiter will give us good aspects practically all year long, in its passage through Pisces and Aries, but it is now in January when we must invest in the right things.

On January 7th they are in disagreement, indicating a first week of the year when things are still unclear. Let’s not act under presumptions or vague ideas. If we are not cautious, we can make big mistakes during those days, since Mars is very active, symbolizing the danger of impatience. The lack of concrete knowledge of a situation added to the rush of Mars generate abrupt reactions and errors. It is important not to get carried away by this energy and to use it to feed the force in the long term, one of the Capricorn values; since the capricorn energy will be very dominant during this lunation.

The 13th of January the moon reaches the North Node and Uranus in Taurus (while Mercury is retrograde). If we relied on something too much during the first week and somehow rushed into it, we can rethink, fix it or get the final answer during this date.

On January 14th, the moon and Lilith will be in Gemini, which makes it a day of answers.

On January 17th, the full moon finally enters Cancer, in opposition to Pluto and the Sun. It will be the moment of truth, of sacrifice, of abandoning something definitively and leaving behind the old to evolve. As during January we will have a Mercury retrograde, it is possible that this break with the old may be delayed a little, but from the 17th, the ballast is definitely released.

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Jupiter in Pisces throughout 2022

Jupiter will transit Pisces during 2022. Its first step will last until May 10 and it is a very good luck transit.

Although the lunar aspects, make us review the small print and choose well with whom we partner, Jupiter gives us the energy to do so with joy and optimism for the future. It will be easier to take the iron out of things.

It symbolizes powerful moments of insight, fluidity, optimism and celebration in general. Personal sensations and the sixth sense will be very sharp during this period, making us feel clearly what is and what is not for us.


It will bring us many unexpected things and new adventures, which seemed a lie during 2021. Jupiter, the great benefactor, comes to sweep away the melancholy and activate many positive qualities.

Pisces energy brings coincidences and cosmic encounters. Spiritual and wordless connections will be everywhere.

Jupiter expands energy, so focus on what you want and leave the old behind. It is a planet that swells energy, so whatever you feed will grow enormously during this first semester of the year.

Use the Capricorn aspects of the January lunation to choose well and with a head and thus put your focus in the right things, for Jupiter to feed.

North Node in Taurus, South Node in Scorpio

It is a great end of the cycle, having gone through the difficult aspect that began in 2020 with the North node in Gemini. Previously, the energy was very fickle as there was a lot of air energy. Too many changes, too fast.

The North node in Taurus brings us much-needed stability, and the beginning of solutions that work for the long term. Clarity of goals, putting down roots, feeling of belonging. Find your place. Plant seeds that will grow (thanks to the super Jupiterian energy that give it an extra) and invest in everything that is durable.

The south node in Scorpio tells us to leave behind low passions, hatreds, toxic or unclear relationships. Goodbye to obsessions and the unhealthy. It is time to take care of your body and change your habits.

In conclusion, Jupiter brings an expansive and positive energy at the beginning of the year 2022. Taking into account the lunation and the change of nodes together with its energy, it is very likely that the old schemes will be broken and we will be very capable of reinventing ourselves , in a responsible and serious but also fun way … since Uranus in Taurus still holds many surprises for us during 2022.

Open yourself to the new, the new experiences, the things you have never done and leave behind everything that is no longer useful.

Happy 2022. 

Alice Blue, profesional de miistico.

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