How to work on self-love

“Self-love” can mean many things to everyone. From a time of meditation, to a sparkling bath, to a bike ride, do Tarot reading, or even healthy food. All of these are small actions that help to put self-love into practice by balancing our mental and physical health. This self-love is an energy that manifests in your whole being. It is extremely powerful and key to achieving your goals and manifesting the life you are. Remember that as you vibrate, you attract. Only you have the power to transform your days and your life. And if you are at peace with yourself you become a magnet for everything positive that the Universe has for you.

What is self-love?

When we talk about self-love we are talking about the way in which we make evaluations of ourselves. It is about the relationship we have with ourselves. It has nothing to do with being perfect but with valuing our virtues and recognizing and accepting our defects. It could be summarized in the unconditional acceptance of your being. 

Self-love is about taking care of yourself, loving yourself, prioritizing yourself and respecting yourself. And although it may sound simple, it is something difficult to achieve and requires daily work with ourselves. Here are some self-love rituals and mantras to put into practice when you need to regain your love, confidence, motivation and self-esteem. 

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Self-love rituals

1. Establish a time for yourself and do an activity that makes you connect with you and charges you with energy.

It doesn’t have to be something big, you just have to put awareness into it and feel like you’re doing it for you. Establish a time for yourself so that it becomes a habit in your life. For example, read, go for a run once a week, take a relaxing bath, sign up for your favorite dance class… Anything you do for you and for you! And remember, don’t let it fall into oblivion. Make sure you do it every once in a while.. 

2. Start a self-love journal. 

Take a moment once a week, month or every quarter and do the following. Set the mood with elements that inspire you; music, incense, candles and even a glass of wine. Take a notebook and write down 10 reasons why you love yourself or 10 things you love about yourself. Once you have them read them and thank yourself for who you are here and now. 

3. Repeat mantras or positive affirmations to yourself. 

The repetition of phrases helps you to gradually integrate them and manifest them. Set three priority phrases and repeat them to yourself every day when you wake up and when you go to bed. It is important that they resonate with you and are not just something you do not connect with.  For example, “All is well. I let go and trust”, “I accept, understand and love myself”, “In life there are no mistakes but lessons”…

4. Purify yourself energetically.

Purify yourself energetically. Recurrently cleanse the heavy or negative energies that naturally accumulate in our body and space.  Recharge your batteries with cleansing rituals or energetic baths. 

And you, what self-love ritual do you have?


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