How to choose your ideal job thanks to numbers

The vast majority of us are concerned with knowing how to choose a job, let alone the ideal job.

We live with attachment to the things we desire. That is why many times, our decisions respond to this desire.

The numerology quantum numerology helps you to become aware and solve the uncertainties we may have in the best way. I’ll tell you how.

In your Quantum Sequence is the information

There is an energy manifested in a number, which represents the characteristics of TODO what you wish in life, and that you chose it (even if you don’t remember).

Imagine that everything you want has to be stable, safe, reliable, consistent, long-lasting… (characteristics, among others, of the  number 4)

Remember that, to what we desire, we have a tendency to become attached…, since it is our identity, our character, and that character believes that without it “we are nothing” (this is the LITERAL interpretation made by our ego).

When we are in the position of choosing a job, we are faced with the challenge of, these characteristics and what we desire have a lot of weight, and that’s fine, but what doesn’t help us is to stick to it. That prevents us from opening up and “seeing the big picture” of what we are really interested in.

In this case (assuming the example of a person with this energetic structure) it will prevent us from realizing that we also need flexibility, sociability, variation, creativity, expressiveness (characteristics, among others, of the number 3).

Attachment to our desire leads us to move away from our identity, from who we are. Therefore, we would cease to be that innovative, independent person, with his or her own schedule, leader, entrepreneur (characteristics of the number1)

If we do not see “the whole picture”, and we are not aware of this attachment to our desire, we may choose a civil servant job, when this type of job would not suit us because it lacks the characteristics of the 3 and 1 mentioned above.

The Numerology Cuántica gives you the information of this complete drawing or map, through your Quantum Sequence, where the characteristics of your character (who you are in this reality), the characteristics of everything you want and how to get there are encoded.

In the example I have mentioned, the Quantum Sequence would be 134, it would summarize everything that makes you happy, which decisions suit you and which do not.

cómo elegir tu trabajo ideal

How do I know I've made a mistake and it's not my ideal job?

One of the consequences of attachment is that there comes a time when the situation is no longer sustainable, and it leads you to let go.

In the example, the choice of this work produces a situation of anxiety and stress, which is manifested in the body (the 4 is the matter and the most material thing we have is the body), leading to a situation of discharge so that you return to you, you meet again with your Identity and from there you return to take the helm of your life.

One of the signs that we are living our purpose, what we desire, is that what we do gives us energy, not takes it away.

The design of this life is so perfect, that everything leads you to be you and live your purpose. Each one depends only on when.

What if I am afraid?

Another reason why you would not choose “the complete package”, i.e. a job where you have all the characteristics you want (in the example we are looking at, stability, flexibility, creativity, independence, leadership…) would be the fear of meeting his or her shadow (the shadow is the part of you that you reject, that you have judged and not accepted, and that you fear, because it can destroy you if you do not know how to manage it), since where there is risk and danger (if the shadow is not well managed) is when you live what you really want, not what resembles or has some of the characteristics.

In this case, imagine that the shadow is an energy that does not know how to set limits and allows itself to be abused from trust and emotionality…where it would be more difficult to set limits and not allow itself to be abused would be in these types of situations that have the aforementioned characteristics.

Recognizing your shadow and knowing how to handle it is what allows you to enter into situations that really fulfill you. Otherwise, your own energetic system often “shields” itself and protects itself. And how does it do that? By not taking action in the experiences that fulfill you, to avoid entering where it does not know how to manage.

If you would like me to help you identify situations that are preventing you from moving forward, and see how to solve them, I will be happy to do so.

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