Horoscope 2023 for your zodiac sign

by Alejandra, Astrologer and Tarotists at miistico

For the reading of the Horoscope 2023 it is advised to read Sun and Ascendant, since they are made by Sun and Ascendant in the sign. This prognosis is made taking into account the transits of the slow planets, starting from Jupiter. These planets mark tendencies that have long or medium duration in each one of us, they favor deep changes, processes that take time.

Horóscopo 2023

This horoscope gives an overview of the yearly processes for sign and ascendant, the most favorable times of the year for certain purposes, as well as the most difficult ones. We wish you a happy year 2023!

Horoscope 2023 by sign and Ascendant



Comienzas el año con Júpiter transitando la casa de los grupos y asociaciones, conexión con amigos, tiempo para compartir y disfrutar, excelente para el trabajo en equipo, especialmente con grupos grandes.

Desde febrero hasta finales de mayo, es un buen momento para retiros, meditación, contacto con el arte y la filosofía, también para ahondar en el pasado para entender el presente.

El resto del año (de junio a diciembre), Júpiter transitará por tu casa de la identidad, comienzas un nuevo ciclo de evolución personal, aumento de la confianza, excelente para poner en marcha planes de futuro.

Saturno estará transitando todo el año la casa de la profesión, poniendo el foco en tu carrera, vocación, en cierto modo también es una prueba de fuerza, ejercicio de voluntad, con probables restricciones que te llegan para ayudarte a madurar y estructurar tu trabajo, tu vocación, tu lugar en el mundo laboral.

Urano sigue todo el año renovándote, provocando cambios profundos en tu ser, moviendo relaciones, cambiando tu forma de ver el mundo.

Neptuno todo el año en tu casa de los grupos y asociaciones, las amistades se ponen a prueba, nace el interés por compartir tu vida espiritual con los demás, intenta no poner demasiadas expectativas en este plano, para evitar decepciones. Acepta a cada uno como es.

Plutón en tu casa extranjera, estudios superiores, creencias filosóficas, cambia profundamente tu visión sobre estos temas, probable crisis de fe, gran transformación en este ámbito.

¡¡¡¡Muy feliz 2023!!!!

About Aries…



You begin the year with Jupiter transiting the house of groups and associations, connection with friends, time to share and enjoy, excellent for teamwork, especially with large groups.

From February until the end of May, it is a good time for retreats, meditation, contact with art and philosophy, also to delve into the past to understand the present.

The rest of the year (June to December), Jupiter will transit your house of identity, you begin a new cycle of personal evolution, increased confidence, excellent for implementing future plans.

Saturn will be transiting all year the house of profession, putting the focus on your career, vocation, in a way it is also a test of strength, exercise of will, with probable restrictions that come to you to help you mature and structure your work, your vocation, your place in the world at work.

Uranus continues all year renewing you, provoking deep changes in your being, moving relationships, changing your way of seeing the world.

Neptune all year in your house of groups and associations, friendships are tested, interest is born to share your spiritual life with others, try not to put too many expectations on this plane, to avoid disappointments. Accept everyone as they are.

Pluto in your foreign house, higher studies, philosophical beliefs, deeply change your vision on these issues, probable crisis of faith, great transformation in this area.

Very happy 2023!!!!

About Taurus…



You start the year with Jupiter transiting until early May in your house of profession, excellent time for your progress in this plane, receive honors, recognition, propitious to ask for support from people of power and authority. Be careful not to fall into arrogance, as this planet tends to expand everything it touches, also the ego…..

Later, from the beginning of May to the end of the year, it will transit your house of groups, the focus is put on this theme, the activity in community issues expands, excellent for working in teams for the common good.

Saturn will push you to work on deep issues, releasing old attachments, promoting a kind of rebirth. Subsequently, it is placed in your house of philosophical beliefs, the foreigner, long trips, helping you to assimilate experiences of past years, good time for publications, conferences, teaching, broadening your vision and structuring this type of knowledge and experiences.

Uranus also transits the house of groups, innovating, connecting you with groups that promote social changes, renewing friendships, new contributions in the field of ideas.

From July to October, this planet brings to the surface issues buried in your unconscious to allow self-exploration, dive into your depths, take the opportunity to meditate, do therapy, because at times it will generate restlessness and uncertainty. Do not be afraid, everything will become clear, take the opportunity to grow with this transit.

Neptune in the house of travel, philosophies, can confuse you, generating a sense of lack of direction. Try to focus, channel this energy towards art, music, dance, poetry, painting, this will lead you to a broader understanding of reality.

Pluto will be all year in the house of shared resources, possible changes in your partner, if you have one, try to see what is not on the surface, Pluto asks to deepen, asks for changes, somehow die to be reborn. Excellent time to do therapy with ways to improve in this area.

About Gemini…



You start the year in deep mode, with amplified emotions, seeking the truth, your psychic faculties expanded, with Jupiter transiting until mid-January the area of personal transformation, sex, shared finances. Good time to begin a relationship in which you share resources.

From mid-January through June, this great planet amplifies themes of higher studies, travel, expanding horizons, intellectual, philosophical, religious, spiritual.

From June to the end of the year, your house of profession and success at the social level is benefited by the transit of the “good” giant, progress at the professional level, recognition of your work, excellent time to negotiate with people of power. Be careful not to “inflate” also the ego, which is the risk of Jupiter in this house.

Saturn in the house of relationships until the end of January puts them to the test, asking for greater responsibility, to sustain the vision regarding the couple. You become aware of the needs, limitations and obligations. Saturn asks for structure, solidity and objectivity. If you do not have a partner, these tests and challenges will be given with important links or partners. This transit asks above all for maturity.

From the end of January until the end of the year, it moves into the area of shared finances, sex, deep changes. It can feel frustrating, limiting, try to channel the energy towards esoteric studies, research in any area, allow the energy to renew and transmute.

Uranus throughout the year will bring innovation at the professional and vocational level, changes, new business, new airs. If you do not promote it from within, it will come by “destiny”, restrictions are released, the established is questioned, allow it to happen.

Neptune in the house of Scorpio throughout the year, can bring misunderstandings in transactions, and changes in the way you relate to deep ties.

Pluto in your house of relationships brings renewal, if you have a partner, deep transformations occur, things come to light that need to be changed, great need for transmutation.

If you do not have a partner, some link may appear that should remain hidden.

Very good year!!!!!

About Cancer…



You begin the year, until the end of February, with the focus and expansion that Jupiter brings in the area of deep bonds (couples, partners, and significant relationships).

If you are in a harmonious relationship, in harmonious mode: desires for expansion, travel, desire to expand experiences and enjoyment.

If your bond is not well, if there are difficulties, you will need to expand your relationships beyond the couple, which may be reflected in changes or the end of the relationship.

From the end of February until August, and from the beginning of October until the end of the year, the transit of this planet will be through the house of transmutation, there will be a desire to deepen your emotions, to seek in some way the “security of the soul”. Your psychic faculties will be increased, take advantage to help others or to apply this amplified vision in business.

Excellent period for research, publications, cultural or institutional matters.

From August to October, the transit will be in the house of travel, abroad and higher studies. Horizons expand.

Saturn begins to transit your house of health and work and personal routines, time to structure changes in this area, discriminate what is important from what is secondary, implement changes in health and work. Take care of your diet, take advantage of this period for a detox.

From the end of February until the end of the year, this planet will transit the house of your relationships, it is necessary to improve a link, share responsibilities, time of realism in this matter, with possible feeling of limitations, it is a transit of great maturity in the relationship with your partner, partnerships or significant links.

Uranus promotes changes in attitudes and beliefs throughout the year. Your values and your view of the world are put to the test. Get ready to evolve.

Neptune in the house of relationships helps you to re-signify them, if you are alone, it increases your self-knowledge and your understanding in this area.

Pluto will be all year promoting new habits, a great transformation in how you take care of yourself physically and mentally, as well as in the workplace. The new is manifesting.

Happy New Year!!!!

About Leo…



Jupiter will transit the first months, until the beginning of May, through your conjunct house; if you have a partner, it is time to plan trips, general expansion, you will broaden your vision of life as a couple. If you do not have a partner, there is a possibility of meeting someone significant during this period, and if you have a relationship that is not going well, a change is necessary.

The rest of the year, the focus moves to the issues of joint finances, personal power, good time for investments with others, also to deepen your inner look, your ability to change and to take personal power.

Saturn will transit all year your house of health and routines, work and home. Long-term changes and improvements are established in these issues, possible excessive criticism or self-criticism, try to be patient with you. The planet asks for structure and perseverance so that the changes are lasting.

Uranus will be all year promoting adjustments in your intimate relationships and shared finances. Possible alterations, disturbances, try to flow with uncertainty.

Neptune also in your conjunct house, invites you to examine your relationships, increase compassion, sensitivity, if you are not well with your partner, issues to work on come to light, take the opportunity to try to improve. There may also be the possibility that the lesson to be learned is that of detachment.

Pluto puts emphasis throughout the year on issues of creativity, self projects, individual expression. Possible power struggles with children or deep ties. Emotional intensity, year of great evolution.

Happy New Year!!!!

About Virgo…



You start the year with Jupiter transiting the house of health, issues that require attention, need for readjustments in diet, exercise, etc. are shown.

Improvements at work, good time to apply for promotions, you gain the respect of your superiors.

From the beginning of February until the beginning of August, and from October until the end of the year, this planet influences your closest ties, amplifying what you experience in that area. If changes need to be made, these are the propitious times of the year to do it.

Saturn will be all year long focusing on structuring and planning your personal projects in the long term, as well as the link with your children, if you have them. This planet asks for long-term commitment, discipline and responsibility.

Uranus brings unforeseen events on an emotional level, especially in intimate relationships. Joint finances may also have changes, the final result will depend on the aspects this planet makes with your natal planets.

Hidden aspects of your personality come to the surface of consciousness, a moment of evolution and personal growth.

Neptune all year in your house of health and habits, can affect your nervous system, be careful not to fall into abuses, harmful foods, snuff, alcohol. Pay attention to your habits. On the work level, there may be uncertainty, colleagues who overwhelm you, you may have to sacrifice something in this area.

Creative activities are favored by this planet.

Pluto puts intensity in your creative projects, power struggles in ties with children, if you have them, as well as in love bonds. Possible crises that invite you to evolve.

Happy New Year!!!!!

About Libra…



The year begins with Jupiter transiting, until mid-April, the house of children, creativity, self-expression: abundant energy for art, creative projects, intuition is enhanced, interest in study and travel as well.

Romantic relationships deepen in a sense of authenticity.

From mid-April to early August, and from October to the end of the year, this planet invites you to correct and readjust health problems and work routines, good period to start a diet, practice yoga, psychophysical health routines.

In the work environment, improvements are also proposed in this period, there may be an increase in workload.

From August to October, Jupiter visits your relational house, good time if you are in a couple, but if the relationship is not going well, it is time to review and propose changes.

Saturn will transit all year your house of the home, emphasizing issues of security, belonging, search for order, laying the groundwork for what you want in the long term.

Uranus calls for changes in the sphere of relationships, deep bonds, partnerships. If you have a partner, the need arises to breathe new life into the relationship, to get out of the routine, to look for new ways of bonding. Sincerity is imposed, Uranus asks for truth in the bonds.

Neptune transits in two periods through your house of home and roots. From the beginning of the year until the beginning of April, and from October until the end of the year: possible discomfort, not understanding what is happening, need for some isolation, you are asked for contact with your inner self. Take the opportunity to meditate, and seek answers from the depths. Perhaps this influence only manifests itself as a stage in which you have to devote more time to domestic issues, or the desire to reform and improve your home.

From April to October, this planet transits the house of creative individuality, an ideal time to dedicate yourself to artistic themes, and if it manifests in themes of romance, you may idealize too much the loved one, or fall in love with an impossible one, and as for the children, also a theme of this house, you may have to sacrifice something for them, with some suffering, remember that everything happens for you to expand your consciousness.

Pluto will be all year affecting your inner self, your relationships with the environment, your intellect.

You may bring to consciousness repressed feelings and thoughts. Good time to start therapy, it will help you to deepen your communication, to express yourself from a deeper place, increase your intuition and your perception.

Happy New Year!!!!

About Scorpio…



You begin with a transit, from January to the end of April, of your ruler Jupiter through the house of the home, it may manifest itself as a desire to expand, improve your habitat, improve your living conditions and your prosperity.

At the relational level, at home, harmony and affection increased in this period.

The rest of the year, the transit of this great benefactor will be in your house of creativity, children, romances. A lot of energy for everything that has to do with art, intuition increases, you feel very inspired.

If you are without a partner, it is also time for a romance with a view to transform it into a beautiful relationship.

Saturn will be all year in the area of close ties, intellect, short trips, short studies. In these matters you are asked for responsibility, analysis, creation of solid bases, serious and deep analysis, in short, “doing things right”. Good time for research work, improving relationships with the environment, maturing, in short.

Uranus transiting the first months, until the end of April, in your house of creativity, asks you to express yourself in an innovative way, looking for new ways of expression, originality, which manifests itself in your personal projects, the link with your children, your self-expression.

If you have a relationship, it also asks you to improve it, to innovate, to refresh it.

If you have children, there may be alterations, explosions of rebelliousness, you are asked to find the balance between autonomy and healthy limits.

From the end of April until the end of the year, this planet activates your house of health and work, it is here now where energies “move”, need for change or renewal, if you think you have unexploited skills, it is time to put them into practice, train yourself, put them in value.

As for health, changes in diet, physical routines, good time also to start a physical or psychological wellness therapy, or both….atiende the signals of your body.

Neptune transits the first three months of the year, and the last two months, your intellectual house, communication, short trips, close environment. Sensitivity, intuition and perception are increased, you will notice things around you that you did not perceive before. This planet can also influence the way you perceive, generating confusion, lack of objectivity and clarity, possible misinterpretations, try to focus on the details, bring clarity and objectivity to important issues.

Between late March and late October will transit your house of home, it is time to meditate, contact your inner self, as this transit usually manifests itself as a discomfort, a feeling that something is missing, look for answers inside to feel better.

On the other hand, it can create a conflict between your professional and personal life, you may have to spend more time than usual to attend to personal or domestic problems.

Pluto will transit all year through your house of resources, economic and own values, you are asked to register your personal power, do not assimilate it to what you own, the value system is shaken in some way, probable changes in terms of resources, time for deep exploration on these issues.

Happy New Year!!!!

About Sagittarius…



From the beginning of the year until the first days of May, Jupiter expands your house of intellect, communication, close environment. Your expression of ideas, your perception and communication are favored, optimism increased, take advantage of new learning, short trips, it is a time of enjoyment and expansion.

From the beginning of May until the end of the year, the focus of this planet is centered for you at home, the need to make it more comfortable arises, your living conditions and your family life are harmonized and prosperity increases.

Saturn transits all year your house of personal and material resources, your financial situation asks to be restructured, probably through another job, savings, investments. It is about laying the foundations for long-term stability, not so much for the present but for the future, as well as taking stock of the past in these matters, how you have used your resources, and “clean” what no longer serves you, giving value to what really matters to you.

Uranus transits your house of home and roots throughout the year, it may manifest in the emergence of issues from the past to be worked on and healed, as well as releasing repressed aspects of the personality. It is time to listen to yourself, to pay attention to your inner self in order to channel and modify facets of your life or behavior, finding the power within you to direct your life. The sense of independence and inner strength is increased.

Neptune will transit the first three months of the year, and then from October to the end of the year, through your house of resources. It is advisable to review well every step you take, as confusion may arise, for example, an investment that seems what it is NOT, you tend to idealize and not see clearly, an effect that you can compensate with the influence of Saturn in the same house: Realism and objectivity, which should be used in this house.

It can also mean a change of values towards more inclusive, spiritual, compassionate ones.

From April to October this planet transits your house of intellect, short trips, communication and short studies.

Possible lack of concentration, much sensitivity and heightened perception, try to connect with the earth element and channel this energy into artistic activities, dance, painting, poetry, music, in order to contact the more benign side of this planet.

It can also manifest as some confusion in communication, again, try to connect with the objectivity of the earth.

Pluto in your house of identity promotes deep change on a personal and relational level, as the axis is that of identity and relationships.

Time of inner growth, self-exploration, ideal to start a therapy, as this transit does not go unnoticed, the impulse is towards a deep change, and it can feel uncomfortable, as it pushes us to transcendent rethinking.

Happy new year!!!!!

About Capricorn…



You begin the first month of the year, until mid-February, with Jupiter transiting your house of resources. Desire to expand at this level, to improve the economic situation, to grow also in personal value, take advantage of this injection of energy and optimism!….

From mid-February to mid-July, and the last two months of the year, the transit will be in the house of communication, the intellect, the close environment. Your mental activity is increased, a certain sense of euphoria and well-being arises, and a desire to broaden your horizons and abilities, as well as a greater understanding of your surroundings.

From July to the end of October, this expansion is focused on the home, and the relationships that occur there. Possible changes, reforms, extensions in the home environment, improvement of close ties in general, and also the search to be well with you, improving the way you live yourself.

Saturn will transit all year the house of identity, signaling a period of much growth and maturation, somehow life becomes more “serious”, your character is strengthened, you may feel some restriction, as they reveal shortcomings, limitations of your own personality, take it easy, because in a Saturnian process everything is for the better, structuring a new personality usually entails certain moments of discouragement. Knowing where this transit is taking us, it will be easier and more bearable. Good time also to begin a study, interest or long-term goal, move forward with the confidence that you start a new evolutionary cycle.

Uranus will be all year removing foundations, looking for changes at home, in the material and emotional level as well, bringing to consciousness issues to work and evolve, repressed aspects of your personality. It is an opportunity to find in you the necessary power to move forward in life, diving into your origins, your roots, your emotional foundations to rebuild yourself in a better place, being able to give new meaning and purpose to your life.

Neptune throughout the year can bring confusion, some chaos in the organization of your material and personal resources. Take care of the investments you make and examine well the economic proposals you have this year.

You can also manifest a different value system in your life, more empathic, spiritual, again beware of excessive idealization or self-deception.

Pluto will be transiting your most unconscious house, bringing to consciousness issues that you will have to face during the year, it is an excellent period to start a deep therapy, an inner and spiritual exploration, meditation, etc. It also signals the end of a vital process, preparing you to start again.

Happy New Year!!!!

About Aquarius…



From the beginning of the year until mid-April, Jupiter gives you confidence in yourself and in life, from your house of identity, promoting an optimistic vision of the future that usually materializes. Take advantage of this to make intentions!!!.

The rest of the year the Jupiterian emphasis will be in the house of resources and values, material and personal, allowing you to act to improve your economic situation, also your personal values are favored by this transit.

Throughout the year Saturn transits your house of the unconscious, it is a period of transition, the end of a cycle where you may feel frustration, discontent or disorientation, as the beliefs and values you have been holding are questioned, it is a time to redefine your values and beliefs, release attachments, clarify new approaches to your life, when it passes into your house of identity.

Meditation, therapy and any work you do for personal growth will help you to let go of the past and begin to integrate the new.

Uranus will transit your house of resources, asking for innovation in these matters, probably more freedom, a new value system, try to manage impulsivity as Uranus tends to manifest in unexpected, sudden and somewhat disruptive ways. You may want to change jobs, generate changes, give greater value to talents that were hidden, it’s time to take care of your potential to give them your attention.

Neptune, the ruling planet of your sign, will transit your house of identity, your sensitivity and intuition will be increased, your faith in life will also be tested and you will be asked to learn to discriminate, you will tend to “lose yourself”, Piscean theme, always keep in mind that Pisces loses itself to find itself again at a higher level of consciousness.

Also be careful not to idealize people too much, especially at the level of the couple, Neptune may lead you to dye your ties pink, make contact with the earth as often as you can.

Pluto will be all year in the house of friends, associations, allowing you to connect with new groups, recycle old links, increase your social and humanitarian commitment.

Be careful that proposals are not too radical, as Pluto tends to be all or nothing, your ability to discriminate, analyze will be tested, you will change friends, many links will end and new ones will begin, total renewal in this area.

Happy New Year!!!!!

About Pisces…


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