Honey candles on the 11th of each month to attract good luck

Honey candles have been used since ancient times to attract good luck and make special wishes. According to popular wisdom, there is a tradition of lighting a honey candle on the 11th of each month for good luck, abundance and prosperity in the home.

Why honey candles

Candles are path openers that illuminate our energy and our purposes. In turn, bees are nature’s main pollinator. They are one of the many elements that make life as we know it and it is through their honey that they bring us a piece of nature’s magic. Therefore, honey candles have always been associated with a very powerful energy, sweetening people’s lives.

Why honey candles on the 11th of each month?

The truth is that you can light honey candles on any day you feel like it. However, there are some days of the month that are traditionally associated with more “power” according to numerology. Lighting a honey candle on the 11th of each month is associated with the entry of good luck, abundance and prosperity. It is a day when a lot of energy is concentrated as it is one of the master numbers according to numerology.

In addition, the 11th day almost coincides with the middle of the month. It is an ideal time to take stock of the month and thus be able to establish that the purpose of this candle is related to the opening of those roads or situations that are at a standstill or stagnant.

How to do the ritual of lighting a honey candle on the 11th of each month

As you well know, rituals are a tangible and conscious tool to externalize personal emotions and experiences. They are small acts that help us to bring awareness and align our psyche towards a purpose.

Through rituals, we make sense of what we have experienced and connect with what we have learned from past experiences. They help us to mark the processes of change and the passage from one stage to another in our lives. It is important to emphasize that the performance of rituals does not guarantee the achievement of the objective. Every ritual must be accompanied by effort and constant personal work.

Below, we suggest some steps to follow to perform this ritual and thus be able to “encode” or orient your conscious and subconscious towards your purpose.

Steps to follow in the ritual with honey candles:

  • On the 11th of each month choose a quiet moment and a space for yourself. If prior to this time you can perform an energetic cleansing of your home and space, so much the better! It can be something as simple as cleansing the space with some cleansing and purifying element such as copal incense, palo santo, or white sage.
  • If you already have your moment and space ready, visualize what your purpose or objective is before lighting the candle. Remember that it is important that you visualize it in an affirmative or positive way and that it is as specific and clear as possible.
  • Once visualized, light the honey candle and let it burn throughout the day. It is VERY IMPORTANT that the candle be on a metal container or in a space or place where it cannot cause harm or it can be dangerous. Also, let it burn in a place where you can control it to avoid scares.

Every month, try to repeat on the 11th day this little ritual to activate the energy of prosperity, luck and abundance!


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