Major arcana

22 cards from the Tarot deck that represent universal archetypes of human experience. In a reading they represent the things of greatest importance or significance for the querent. They symbolize some archetypes of the human psyche and their meaning entails the learning of certain lessons. 

Minor arcana

56 cards of the Tarot deck that are divided into four suits (pentacles, wands, swords and cups) and each suit is considered to be the symbol of the four elements (earth, fire, air and water). In a reading, these letters provide details and concrete information. 

Energy harmonization

Technique that acts on the energy field of the person, object or space and allows a diagnosis and treatment of the alterations found in said energy field. 


The zodiac sign that is rising on the eastern horizon at the time for which the horoscope is calculated. It shows how a person acts when they start something new and how others see them. 


Thestudy of the position and movements of the stars and the relationship between them and what happens on Earth. 

Natal Astrology

Branch of astrology that is based on calculating the positions of the stars at the time of an individual’s birth. It is the most popular form of astrology and is widely practiced and used to get to know yourself. It gives us information about our personality, our potential and our talents. 

Predictive Astrology

Side of astrology that is based on the study of the cycles that an individual will go through, the learning that they can acquire and the possibilities of a specific moment. 

Psychological Astrology

Side of astrology that is based on the use of tools of astrology to know oneself, our unconscious and motivations.


Energy field that surrounds the living being and nourishes it. It contains all the information about who and what each one is. 



The word kabbalah is of Hebrew origin (kabbalah) which means “tradition” or “reception of a gift.” It is an ancient wisdom that is based on a system of mystical and allegorical interpretation of the Torah. Kabbalah reading is a tool for self-knowledge. It allows you to know your life mission, the soul plan, your gifts and your main obstacles or difficulties.

Natal Chart

Map of the heavens at the time of a person’s birth. The natal chart reflects an individual’s unique personality and behavioral tendencies.


Sanskrit word meaning wheel. These are the energy centers of the body through which the life force flows. The most important chakras are seven and each of them influences a certain area of ​​the body and life. In order for oneself to feel good, they must all be in balance. 



El Descendente (DC) es el signo que se pone en el horizonte del oeste en el momento de nacimiento.  Este signo marca el comienzo de la casa de las relaciones y la armonía social de la persona, regida por Libra y Venus. Es el opuesto al Ascendente. 



Transcendent energy that is derived from the actions of people. In physics, the word is equivalent to the law “For every action there is an equivalent force reaction in the opposite direction.”


Free will

Human capacity to choose between different alternatives, or freedom to choose and make our own decisions without being subject to pressure, limitations or divine predetermination. Therefore, free will is based on the fact that each human being is responsible for their actions and decisions. 


Quantum numerology

It is a tool that helps us understand the causes and origins of what works wrongly in our lives, in order to achieve our objectives and goals. With this, we understand why situations are repeated to us, having the possibility of changing what blocks us, limits us and prevents us from connecting with our maximum potential.


Astological Profection

It is a progression of a person’s birth chart, advancing 30 degrees per year. They allow you to have a global vision of the most important things that will take place throughout a year. 


Akashic Records

They are “a universal memory of existence” that contains all the history and memory of the entire universe. They are in an energetic space in another dimension and in them are housed all the experiences of the soul including the knowledge and experiences of past lives, the present life and the potential of future lives. 


Ancient technique of Japanese origin that consists of channeling the inner energy and that which surrounds us to be able to apply it where there is an energy blockage and thus facilitate physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. 

Solar return

Astral chart calculated for the moment in which the Sun returns to the same natal position, completing its annual cycle. Its use helps to understand what learnings and changes you will have during that specific year in order to take advantage of its potential.

Astrological return

A return is the moment when a planet travels the zodiac and “returns” to exactly the same sign and degree that it had on the day a person was born. Returns represent a new cycle in a person’s life.


Series of actions carried out mainly for their symbolic value. It is a sequence of acts that are repeated, rites that are performed following a specific methodology and for a specific objective. The rituals do not necessarily have a religious character; its function can be social, political or personal. 



Transcendent energy that is derived from the actions of people. In physics, the word is equivalent to the law “For every action there is an equivalent force reaction in the opposite direction.”

Quantum sequence

Energetic jump that is repeated in time. Also known as an energy pattern, it is about the information of the energy of our identity, our purpose or the vibration of everything we want, as well as the energetic vehicle that leads us to achieve it.


Predictive Tarot

That tarot that informs how the querent is at the moment, what continues to affect him in his past and what is the future trend based on how he is at the time of the consultation. 

Psychological tarot

That tarot that does not predict, but is used as a tool for self-knowledge. It allows to get the most out of the qualities of the person and to solve blockages. 

Therapeutic tarot

That tarot that in addition to helping self-knowledge, provides the consultant with tools so that he can change, improve and evolve.

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