Full Moons and Supermoons of 2022

This 2022 brings us twelve full moons and two of them as Supermoons. Each full moon is a moment of transformation, clarity and culmination of all that has been learned. These are small moments of enlightenment that can be very energetic and productive. 

Since ancient times, each full moon of the year is given a specific name according to North American tribes.  Here are the upcoming full and supermoons of 2022 and the details and implications of each:

March 18th - Worm Moon in Virgo

This moon was baptized as Worm Moon by the American tribes as it coincides with the northern hemisphere’s thaw, the beginning of spring. Therefore, this was the time of year when the soil began to soften and earthworms and worms appeared.

This Full Moon in Virgo brings with it order, structure and planning. It invites you to be practical and bring order to your life in order to get things done. The guiding principle of this sign is “I take it literally, I examine”. Therefore, it asks you to take time to analyze what you really want and how you want it. 

April 16th - Pink Moon in Libra

This Full Moon on April 16, 2022 is named the Pink Moon because it coincides with the blooming of a pink-colored flower, called phlox, which grows in the United States and Canada. 

This Full Moon in Libra is heralding a new beginning, something that is being born and is inviting us to become aware of the individual and collective moment. The guiding principle of this sign is “weighing, balancing”. Therefore, this full moon brings with it the need for balance and harmony. It invites you to heal patterns and redefine our desires and expectations. It also asks you to bring out respect, consideration for others, and a pacifist and diplomatic character.

May 16th - Flower Moon in Scorpio

This full moon is called the Flower Moon because it occurs in the month when flowers bloom in North America. 

Being a Full Moon in Scorpio, this moon is synonymous with depth, extremes and rebirth. The guiding principle of this sign is “probing, desire”. This moon invites you to venture in the deep and analytical self to go through wounds and be to reborn. You are ruled by a water sign, so it’s not about thinking but about feeling. This Full Moon is a time when you may feel naturally drawn to let go and release things that no longer serve your path. 

With this Full Moon in Scorpio, brings out your deepest emotions, that hidden part of yourself that you have trouble letting others see. The time has come to shed light on closely guarded issues and illuminate secrets within your relationships. 

June 14th - Strawberry Moon and Supermoon in Sagittarius

TheSupermoon occurs when the moon’s orbit is closest to the Earth at the same time it is full. This is because the moon’s path around our planet is not perfectly round but elliptical. From Earth, when a Supermoon occurs, it appears to be slightly larger and brighter than a normal full moon. 

The Strawberry Moon is so named because it indicated to some Native American tribes that it was the time of year to pick ripe strawberries and other fruits that are harvested at that time of year. 

This Strawberry Moon will be in Sagittarius. The guiding principle of this sign is “I believe. It is clear to me.” Sagittarius is a zodiac sign that seeks the truth and will go to the ends of the earth to attain such knowledge. This will force you to be honest with yourself and with others. This Full Moon will encourage you not to run away from problems and to face situations that we have been letting go. It may also bring you some adventure.

July 13th - Buck Moon and Supermoon in Capricorn

This July full moon is so named because it was during this time of the year that the antlers of the male deer were in full growth. 

The Buck Moon will be in the sign of Capricorn. It is an Earth sign that stands out for its responsibility, efficiency and discipline.  The guiding principle of this sign is “complete, I am responsible”. Therefore, this Supermoon in Capricorn invites you to accept responsibility for your actions. This is not the time to make hasty decisions. Weigh the situation, analyze and be prudent. This moon asks you to activate your practical sense and patience in any situation. 

Lunas Llenas y Superlunas del 2022

August 12th - Sturgeon Moon in Aquarius

The August Full Moon is called the Sturgeon Moon because this was the time when sturgeon and salmon spawning occurred in the Great Lakes basin.

The Sturgeon Moon will be in Aquarius this 2022. The guiding principle of this sign is “I know (that I know nothing)”. Aquarius is an Air sign, synonymous with intellect, revolution and originality. It is the sign of new ideas and trends so it is related to technology and big changes. 

This moon in Aquarius invites you to awaken your enthusiasm for change, for the new things that life brings you. It asks you to seek for a detached viewpoint. Try to see things from a wider angle and with a new perspective in order to be more objective. Also, it’s time to unleash your originality and vision of the future!

September 10th - Harvest Moon in Pisces

The September moon is so named because it indicated the beginning of some crops to the Native Americans. 

Thid full moon occurs in the sign of Pisces, a very emotional water sign. The guiding principle of this sign is “I feel, I love”. Pisces is noted for its romanticism, creativity and sentimentality. This Full Moon invites you to act on the following fronts: 

  • Awaken your imagination and creativity! – Connect with this moon by giving free rein to your imagination or doing activities that stimulate your creativity. To achieve a goal you must first dream big and then carry it out. 
  • Connect with your intuition – Let yourself be carried away by the small palpitations or intuitions that you have during this period. It will be good for you to do activities that allow you to awaken and stimulate your intuition (for example, meditating). 
  • Express your feelings – In a moment of culmination such as the full moon we invite you to thank and express to your environment how you feel about them. It doesn’t have to be through words, it can be through small actions or however you like to communicate, it’s never a bad day to say “I love you” to the people you care about, so go for it with this moon!

October 9th - Hunter's Moon in Aries

This October moon received its name because it marked the time when the North American tribes began to go out hunting to prepare for the cold winter. 

The October moon occurs in such an impulsive, vital and passionate sign as Aries. The guiding principle of this sign is “I want!”. As the first sign of the zodiac, Aries invites you to take initiative and take charge of your life. This moon tells you that if you want something, go for it. Bring out all your enthusiasm and leadership to achieve your goals. Tap into your creative energy to solve problems and create new situations and realities that excite you.

November 8th - Beaver Moon in Taurus

The name of Beaver Moon or Full Moon in Taurus is named after that because it used to be at that time that beavers prepared food and the burrow to take refuge from the winter cold. 

This Beaver Moon will take place in the sign of Taurus. The fact that the moon is exalted in Taurus means that the lunar qualities fit perfectly with the Taurine archetype and affects all zodiac signs (like every full moon). The guiding principle of this sign is “I own, I have, I hold”. Therefore, it is very important on this moon to thank the Universe (or whomever you want) for all that you have and have achieved. This moon invites us to learn from our self-worth and self-esteem to flourish. Gratitude towards all that we are and all we have achieved becomes a key element to realize under the energies of this moon.

It also connects us to the attraction and enjoyment of life’s pleasures. It asks us to reflect and rephrase questions about what gives us pleasure and how we connect with pleasure. Commitment, persistence, loyalty and patience for things to mature in their own time are very necessary for this period. 

December 8th - Cold Moon in Gemini

The last full moon of the year is known as the Cold Moon as it is close to the winter solstice and its name clearly denotes the harsh weather conditions of December, when the temperature drops significantly.

The Cold Moon of 2022 will be in the sign of Gemini. The guiding principle of this sign is “I think, I doubt”. Therefore, this moon will make us question and doubt everything we have assumed as truth so far. It does not mean that we are going to change our minds but to question our beliefs and mandates. As an Air sign, Gemini also stands out for its intellectuality, curiosity, versatility and freedom. 

This full moon will bring us the opportunity or ability to appreciate diversity. To be able to see multiple possibilities and appreciate the richness of different perspectives. The full moon in Gemini asks you to let go of rigidity and open your mind to the diversity of the world.Also, this moon may make it easier for you to communicate or feel the need to express your thoughts. Take advantage of this moment to communicate with transparency and clarity.


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