What is Feng Shui?

Feng Shui is an ancient technique that analyzes the energies of each house, so it will never be the same for one house than for another. Moreover, it changes every 20 years, depending on the period we are in.

This millenary technique deals with measuring the energies (positive and negative) of your house to enhance the positive ones and cancel the negative ones. Each house has an orientation that brings certain misfortunes in particular (health, infidelity, money …) and certain fortunes. It is important to know especially the poisoned aspects to cancel them and put an end to bad luck. In general, the remedies are simple: nourish the appropriate element, be it water, earth, fire, etc… by means of amulets, rocks, and some decoration. Specific advice is given depending on the person, the shape of the house, its orientation, etc…

In Feng Shui the chi, the vital energy, is imagined as a dragon that enters through the source of light of the house (windows or doors), and that flows spinning through the rooms. This dragon should be able to move freely.

Keep in mind that the house is really considered a living being reflecting our mind and spirit, so our house should reflect the life we want to have, and what enters it.

Each house has its advantages and disadvantages. Feng Shui helps us by calculating according to the orientation of the house (north, south, east, west) the dominant energies, and the energy of each sector.

Not all houses are the same, but all have areas with energy conflicts. For example, a bedroom oriented to the South generates a lot of chi flow (vital energy) which is good for active people, early risers, sportsmen… but not good for introverted people. This same energy that activates the first ones, can create insomnia and anxiety for the second ones. So many things must be taken into account: the Chinese zodiac sign of each person, the kua number that defines the orientation that favors him/her, his/her own preferences, etc…

What are the benefits of Feng Shui online?

It is very clear that Feng Shui can make us happier in the sense that this conscious analysis of the available energies and what does not fit in the house can be changed, facilitating the flow of chi or vital energy, which is the goal of Feng Shui.

It can help us to be happy, in two ways: first, to understand that the excess of things does not let the energy flow in the house and its philosophy can help us to get rid of junk. Secondly, if we perform the Feng Shui of our house, we will find the positive and negative points, learning how to enhance the good energies and cancel the bad ones.

In addition, this technique allows us to locate the points where bad luck accumulates. There are houses more fortunate than others, but in general all houses have some conflict sector. It is always a matter of placing amulets of protection or attraction in strategic places, and sometimes changing the colors. It is very important to analyze how the room is used and what energy is generated.

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